'This genuinely helps me sleep better.' I've found 12 finishing touches to make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary

Tie your bedroom together with any of these 9 decorative additions that will help your bedroom feel like a relaxing sanctuary

A selection of bedroom finishing touches
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Decor is one of my favorite elements of interior design. It's the fun part, where the hard work is done and dusted, and you can enjoy your space coming together with those small final touches. 

From texture to lighting, to those decorative pieces that help a space feel finished, these small purchases really pack a punch, tying everything together in one fell swoop. Finishing touches are important in every room of the home, but it's in the bedroom where they feel extra special, helping the room feel cozy and luxurious. To help you create your ultimate nighttime sanctuary, these are the decorative finishing touches that I've spotted from some of best home decor stores.

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What makes a room feel finished?

When in doubt, texture is the surefire way to help your bedroom feel finished. A bit of softness goes a long way to give that cozy, lived-in feel, and without it, your space is bound to feel a little stark. 

'A bedroom needs to achieve so many things,' says Irene Astrain, architect and designer at Astrain Scheld. 'It needs to be cozy and welcoming, relaxing and soothing and provide a safe space. Soft elements, textured rich fabrics and personal elements can all help with these feelings.'

Try accent cushions and focus on how you arrange pillows on a bed for that extra cozy look. Add luxurious throws, and even if you have a small bedroom, rugs of all sizes are a great way to ramp up the texture in the space. 

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