This utility cupboard is the most organized we’ve ever seen, and you can adapt it to even the smallest of spaces

Follow these expert tips to finally sort out this notoriously disorganized storage space

Utility cupboard organization
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For most of us, the utility cupboard is the stuff of nightmares. There's typically no order or organization in sight which makes finding what you need a constant battle, with cleaning products and equipment flying out at you as soon as you open the door. As we move towards 2024, however, the thought of a new year motivates us to get started on that decluttering project that's always been neglected, and it's about time your utility cupboard had some attention. 

Having recently seen the most heavenly-looking utility closet full of inspirational organization ideas, I'm feeling particularly motivated to give mine a sort out. You don't need to be a minimalist to embrace some decluttering ideas, and we guarantee that fixing that mess of a cupboard will instantly make you happier and more relaxed (and all your clean-up projects far smoother!). 

To help you get there, we had to share this wonderfully organized utility cupboard with you, and the beauty of it is that it can be adapted to any space, whether you have a whole utility room or just a small closet. For a helping hand, we also spoke to some organization experts who revealed their top tips for instilling order in the utility cupboard of chaos. Here's what you need to know. 

How to organize a utility cupboard

1. Use wall-mounted storage 

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There isn't a lot that can motivate me to start an organizing project straight away, but a recent Instagram reel by home organizer Tamara Sanchez (@tamishome) had me out of my seat instantly. It's an oh-so-satisfying level of storage like you've never seen before. Within the space of a few seconds, you're armed with multiple solutions for your utility cupboard that you once thought were beyond help.

One of the stand-out techniques that makes the order and presentation of Tamara's cupboard so much better is simply utilizing space effectively. Too often, utility rooms and closets are overcrowded and cluttered, making it difficult to even reach what you're after. 'To maximize the space, you can install shelves, hooks, or baskets, allowing for better organization of various items,' says Hashi Mohamed, organizer at Ivy Cleans.

One thing nearly every utility room struggles with is broom and mop storage. If you've ever had a long handle fall out whenever you open the door, try a wall mount with storage space for your cleaning equipment like this one from Amazon for all those difficult-to-store items. This will also allow you to designate a particular area to the likes of brooms and mops, maximizing the space you have available.

2. Make use of hangers

Another way Tamara gets the most out of her space is by using hanging storage. If your cupboard isn't suited to shelves, a hanging storage solution like this one from Amazon could work perfectly. Not only are they great for closet organization, but as you can see in the Instagram video, the shelves help to break up the space and provide a place for different types of items, including the likes of cloths, rags, and towels.

3. Declutter your space

Of course, besides organization, a lack of order is also usually down to clutter. Utility cupboards often become a miscellaneous spot for all that stuff you're not sure what to do with, and various cleaning supplies get chucked inside haphazardly.

One of the first tasks of organizing your space is decluttering the supplies within it, and while it can be difficult to know how to start decluttering, taking a step back to get an overview of everything isn't a bad idea.'The first step when organizing a utility area is to take everything out and sort it by category,' says professional organizer at House to Home Organizing, Ben Soreff.

Anything out of date or duplicated should be thrown away or donated, and to make it more presentable, Ben suggests uniform containers or storage bins like Tamara's. 'Labeling storage boxes will make it easier to navigate and make it more aesthetically pleasing than loads of loose bottles of cleaning products,' he says. 'Utilizing storage boxes will quickly transform your space into an organizer's dream and a place you can actually use.'

Ready to upgrade your utility cupboard to brand new levels of organization? Follow these three steps for storage that's as satisfying and seamless as Tamara's.

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