Laundry room sink ideas – 10 ways to make a practical space feel pretty

Let these designer-approved laundry room sink ideas clean up the aesthetics of this super functional space

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How often do you look at your laundry room sink and think of upgrading it? We're pretty certain the answer is almost never. But think about it, the best laundry room sink ideas are key to making this functional space work, so why wouldn't you spend some time thinking about its design?

When it comes to laundry room sinks, the good thing is, you don't require a lot of square footage to include one in a space like this. And, trust us, having one will make your life easier. This is where you can tend to small stains, hand wash socks and delicates and even dust all the mud and muck away. You won't have to keep running back and forth to the bathroom or kitchen to tend to small laundry issues, and overall, this oft annoying weekly ritual won't feel like such a task anymore. 

If you're convinced, we have a lot more to share. Here's a full lowdown on the most interesting sinks and inspiring laundry rooms ideas. Take a look.

1. Get the positioning of your laundry room sink spot on

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The most ideal place for a laundry room sink should be next to the washer; this is purely due to convenience. Just make sure you consult a plumber before, who can advise or sort out all the plumbing needs. The sink is a pretty permanent fixture so you want to make sure you've chosen the right one.  

There are several materials and styles out there; whatever your choice may be, remember to opt for a deep basin, install a functional faucet, and even get a sink board to expand the work area. Also, the faucets are as important – you want to choose ones that are durable, resilient, and easy to use. 

'The laundry room typically comprises a stacked washing machine and dryer, a long stone counter for ironing and folding, a small sink to wash smaller clothes, a space to hang folded clothes and, most importantly a very good exhaust system, since this room ends up becoming extremely humid and stuffy. We love to provide a few interesting wicker laundry baskets in this space for clients to put their ironed clothes in and some colorful hooks and knobs to hang towels,' says architect Nishita Kamdar.

2. Pick an installation style

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Another important task you want to pay heed to is the installation style of the sink. Ideally, the three categories are under-mount or butler sink, drop-in, and wall-mounted or floor-standing. 

Under-mount sinks sit underneath the counter and its edges are completely hidden. Drop-in looks like it's been fit within a countertop (almost like a hole has been cut to fit the sink in). The last one, the wall-mounted or floor-standing, is an independent fixture, installed away from any counter. 

3. Keep it sleek and industrial with stainless steel

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Stainless steel sinks are perhaps the most well-known and easily loved as they are simple to clean and maintain, and do not crack, peel or chip. They barely ever show signs of wear and tear. These sinks are also lightweight, durable, and can last generations. Since these have a clean, simple look they easily fit into any room style – however, they can add a really cool edge that's popular in industrial kitchens. And, they are usually budget-friendly. 

There are, however, a few drawbacks to this style, the foremost being the lack of designs and finishes. Stainless steel sinks are, as they come – simple, plain, and hardy. Also, these generate a lot more noise as compared to the porcelain, acrylic or, copper sinks, but since this is the laundry room with fabrics at work, that should hardly be a problem. It's the kitchen utensil's cackle that one needs to watch out for! 

4. Opt for a cast iron laundry room sink for durability

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'While a stainless steel sink is the most versatile and user-friendly type of sink one can use, the elegant cast-iron one looks absolutely beautiful,' Nishita says. A sink made of durable and heavy iron composition, this material is usually coated with enamel so that it can withstand high water temperatures and years of wear and tear. 

One thing to watch out for is that cast iron sinks do tend to rust over time and require re-glazing and re-enameling on a regular basis. In stainless steel sinks, top mount, flush-mount, and under-mount options are available. 

5. Choose porcelain for a classic farmhouse feel

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'Farmhouse-style sinks provide a lot of space and when combined with nice tiles or slabs can be a very modern and unique look for a laundry room. Large under-mounted sinks in combination with nice modern faucets, unique backsplash/countertops stone, or cabinetry can give your laundry a unique look and make it another well-designed space in your home,' avers interior designer Iman Lalji

As this cute pink laundry room proves, this style isn't just reserved for farmhouse kitchens, it can work just as well to add some character to a laundry room. It features deep and wide sinks and has plenty of room for even two people to work in it. The sink can easily fit into the decor style and add to the aesthetic of the space. However, farmhouse sinks do come with a little appendage – it requires regular upkeep to keep it pristine and white. 

In a laundry room that is usually filled with mud, muck, and dirt, along with soap sud marks, you will want to be a little bit of a Monica Gellar while keeping the sink clean and pretty. That, and the fact that the size of the sink is larger means you need to give it extra support while installing. This could mean you may have to say goodbye to the storage you were thinking of adding under the sink. Also, farmhouse sinks are slightly more expensive so invest in these if you feel your utility room design requires a serious upgrade. 

6. In small laundry rooms pick a narrow design

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Ideally, you should install the sink right next to the washer, because while pre-treating the clothes, you want to make sure they don't have to travel too far for a wash. And if they're soaking wet, you don't want to be running across the room with it, wetting and dirtying everything. If your laundry room is tiny and there's not enough room for a large or even a standard size sink, it's best to install a small kitchen sink or even a bathroom washbasin. 

Rest assured, you'll still be glad you made the space for a sink because it'll make handwashing and carrying out numerous tasks easy. Also, consider a small traditional pedestal sink for a shabby-chic laundry room.

If this sink is too small to accommodate your needs, consider a handheld sprayer. It'll give you a lot more ease in cleaning and, you'll be able to rinse out spots and stains much more conveniently. 

7. Go big if you've got the space

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Of course, if you are fortunate enough to have plenty of space in this room, then a wide, large sink could give you more room for pre-soaking and scrubbing out stubborn stains for clothes. It especially helps if you have a large family and plenty of laundry to do. Also, a large sink offers you plenty of area to even water all your houseplants, or clean out any other decor pieces, wash paintbrushes, or other miscellaneous items.

If you feel your wide trough sink looks too OTT in the room (but you definitely need it), you could consider hiding it in a laundry room cabinet. The out of view sink will ensure that the entire room looks clean and neat and is only available to the user when needed.

8. Free up space with a wall mounted design

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The benefit of a freestanding sink is that it doesn't need to be forcefully accommodated in the existing structure of the room, especially if it's small and narrow. These can be placed anywhere around the room. Of course, you will have to speak to your plumber on an ideal spot. You can choose from matte black bathroom brassware to full copper sinks with gold-plated fittings. Make it stylish! 

9. Give it an old world charm with antique fittings

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No rulebook states that a laundry room can't be both functional and charming. 'Utility rooms are practical necessities, but my aim is always to elevate them with bespoke and unusual finds. We’ve been known to mix all kinds of antiques into our schemes, as this helps to offset the uniformity of built-in joinery and antiques naturally come with a character that’s hard to recreate. For the utility room in our Views project we sourced a wooden, zinc-topped unit fitted with sinks salvaged from a former florist’s shop,' shares Tom Cox, co-Founder of HÁM interiors

Think of bronze taps, artistic, carved basins, wooden under cabinets, and even interesting laundry room lighting ideas.

10. And finally, don't forget your pets!

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There's a lot more work that can be accommodated into the laundry room than you think. For instance, a bath space for the dog. 'Dog's sink and feeding bowls incorporated into the design can be both, practical and a beautiful detail in your laundry room,' shares Iman. You can choose a semi-open, deep bottom sink that can hold your pooch, while a handheld sprayer can be used to bathe him. 

Alternatively, if you have small children, you can make it a rule to wash the feet and muddy shoes in this sink post a soccer game. Consider this a cool, modern freestanding bath space for the family.

What's a good size for a laundry room sink?

Ideally, that would depend on the size of the room. But the sink sizes should also be purchased on its use – in large families where there's plenty of laundry and pre-wash, a large trough works best. In small homes and laundry rooms, a narrow, in-the-wall, or freestanding one can be fine. In general, laundry room sinks are bigger than other household sinks and generally available in rectangular shapes. They are about 23 inches in width, 20 inches in length, and 13 inches in depth.

Should a laundry room have a sink?

Ideally yes, and that's only because it makes your work more convenient and easy. Think of this sink as a one-size-fits-all, quite literally. Here you can undertake the laundry pre-wash, use it to water your indoor plants, bathe your pets, wash your hand and ask your children to clean up. In large households, it's convenient to have two sinks that can be used for several reasons but for all family members. 

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