The coolest copper kitchen sinks

From embossed to burnished, these designs will make a statement in any kitchen

The trend for warm metals shows no sign of abating anytime soon. Copper has been featuring everywhere from pendant lights to door handles, but the room where it has perhaps made the most impact is in the kitchen. Yes, it’s time to get on board with a copper sink.

The standout surface instantly draws the eye and, like fine wine, just  gets better with age. Over time, it will develop a rich patina, adding texture and character to kitchens, whatever the style. It even has natural anti-bacterial qualities, so it’s a practical choice too. In fact this versatile material works wonders in a minimal setting, rustic farmhouse or period property, as it sets the tone for a warm and welcoming home.

Introducing a copper sink to your scheme should be straightforward, as it meshes well with other warm surfaces, such as timber or colourful tiles, contrasting particularly well against deep blues and greens, and with the cooler tones of stone, such as marble, granite or quartz. It will really get its glow on against a pale or neutral background – but it works well alongside other metals too, so there’s no need to swap chrome, brass or any other fittings for copper if you choose a copper sink. Having said that, a  row of copper based pans suspended in the kitchen will immediately tie everything together.

There’s a touch of romance about the traditional styles, with their hand hammered features, burnished finishes and sturdy butler shapes, while the modern models are sleeker in style with finer contours, crisp corners and lustrous glow. Whatever style you go for, traditional, modern or classic, a copper sink will add a touch of radiance to your living space – and for the eco-minded it’s even recyclable.

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