The 3 biggest kitchen worktop and splash-back trends for 2020

Are you ready to go dark and daring?

Many of us have gone down the interiors rabbit hole recently, focusing on areas that may need updating or freshening up. If you’re planning a renovation or simply want to upgrade your kitchen worktop and splashback, these are the on-trend styles you need to know about.

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From finish and texture to pattern and colour, the humble kitchen worktop and splash-back can take on a wide range of styles, creating anything from a pared-back, minimal aesthetic to a statement-making talking point.

Kitchen surface specialists Cullifords has highlighted the most recent countertop trends, from light detailed materials to bold and brave colours, so you’re next makeover is totally on-point.



In the past, kitchens have been commonly associated with minimalist colour palettes; sleek whites and greys paired with chrome and silver accents. However, more recently our design habits have become increasingly more colourful and detailed. As we began to make braver decisions within the home, starting off through smaller accents such as fabrics and accessories, we have gradually become accustomed to making more long-lasting, distinctive design statements.

Kitchen worktop

Lagoa Pink Marble, priced from £750 per m2, Cullifords

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A colourful and patterned kitchen worktop or splashback will add impact and unique style to an interior scheme. With choices ranging from exotic pink marbles to multi-coloured granites, injecting colour and pattern into the kitchen has never been easier.

kitchen worktop

Patagonia Granite, priced from £1400 per m2, Cullifords


Whilst the trend for whites, greys and neutrals will never completely fade, there has been an increased desire to find kitchen worktop and splashback surfaces that convey a bit more detail and texture.

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kitchen worktop

Himalayan White Granite, priced from £420 per m2, Cullifords

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The natural veining and patterns that appear in surfaces can add depth and character without having to bring in too much colour that some might find overpowering.

Kitchen worktop

Super White Marble, priced from £1100 per m2, Cullifords

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Swirls of creams, greys and beiges can be found in materials such marble and granite, whilst reinterpretations of marble in some quartz and ceramic surfaces can work just as well as any natural material.

kitchen worktop

Calacatta Light Ceramic, SapienStone priced from £210 per m2, Cullifords

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Dark interiors are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. From deep accent colours on walls to all-out black schemes, there has been an increasing interest in the darker side of the colour spectrum over the past few years.

When it comes to kitchen worktops and splashbacks, there are a number of beautifully deep and detailed materials that will act as a stunning focal point.

Confusion Marble Satinato priced from £510 per m2, Cullifords

Opt for marbles in rich, sumptuous tones of dark green and brown or charcoal tones with a multi-colour blend of deep mauve, black and dark greys.

Verde Tinos Marble, priced from £600 per m2, Cullifords

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