Tap into the pink bathroom trend with these gorgeous tiles

Make your bathroom blush with Otto Tiles' stunning collection

From candyfloss shades to rose tinted hues, powder pink bathrooms are having a moment.

Solid colour is the obvious way to introduce this on-trend shade and we’re loving Otto Tile & Design’s Hex Plain Pink encaustic cement hexagonal tile.

Hex plain pink tile, 11.54×11.54×1.7cm, £4 each, Otto Tiles.

The slight variations in its dusky colour add charm and character and its geometric shape nails two trends in one.

Hex plain pink tile, as above.

There’s also a square version, which looks equally striking.

Amber encaustic cement tiles, 20x20cm, £3.84 each, Otto Tiles.

The handmade encaustic cement tiles are individually hand-crafted using natural pigments to create the lovely, warm, pink Flamingo colour, and it will never wear off due to the thickness of the colour layer.

Amber encaustic cement tile, as above.

Alternatively, to transform your bath into a blushing decorative retreat, make pink the feature colour in large patterned tiles.

Hex 60 Pink hexagon tiles, 11.54×11.54×1.7cm, £4.95 each, Otto Tiles

The Hex 60 Pink encaustic cement tile with its burst of white lines is a beautiful way to create a statement graphic patchwork design.

Hex 60 Pink hexagon tile, as above.

These handmade encaustic cement striped tiles will make a graphic statement too. The simple design with its diagonal stripes in alternating clean white and dark pink can be laid to make a striped or chevron effect over any size of floor or wall.

Cross Stripe encaustic cement tile, 20x20cm, £5.76 each, Otto Tiles.

Individually hand-crafted, each tile is created by artisans without using clay, glazes or kilns. Made from high- quality Turkish cement sand with natural stones granule and colour pigments,  each tile is hand-pressed, ground and sealed with Turkish soap.

Otto Tiles & Design’s encaustic cement tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on both floors and walls.


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