A five-storey 1920s townhouse in Amsterdam's upmarketOud-Zuid (Old South) district, just a short cycle ride from the city's museums. The 400sq m footprintfeatures a kitchen, family room, conservatory and dining area on theground floor. On the first floor there is a living room, office and studio. The master and guest bedrooms and a laundry room are on the second floor, with the children’s rooms on the third floor. There's also a playroom in the basement and asouth-facing garden.


A luxurious customised dove-grey corner sofa gives the main living area a modern, classical feel. Plenty of plump cushions createan invitingly laid back yet chic sitting area.

The chandelier adds a grown-up decoration to a relaxed spacethat feels assuredbut not at all precious. The chunky wooden table sits centre stage, with natural tones andthelayering of different textures adding richness.


The traditional feel of the Twenties townhouse has been conserved, creating living spaces on the ground floor that arelight and welcoming. The use of large portrait photography creates a modern edge in this relaxed space, flooded with natural light from the tall window.


The former kitchen was redesigned as a family dining area. The window seat was designed as a reading nook, with aradiator hidden away underneath to keep it cosy year round.


The upstairs studio is a peaceful place for working from home. The original fireplace, printed wallpaper, trailing plants andevocative artefacts give an eclectic, global feel.

Walls and surfaces in the studio are peppered with artwork and unusual finds, such as photographs, framedpoetry and a blush-rose, semi-precious quartz.


The kitchen was designed using mellow, understated materials such as 200-year-old parquet flooring, reclaimed from a French monastery.Wooden joinery was chosen to echo the lived-in tones, with floor-to-ceiling storage allowing the space to work for a family.

A large photographisone of the first things you see as you step into the kitchen, adding a sense of drama. The Art Deco glass door helps to introduce even more light.


Previous owners had left their mark on the house in the double-height extension at the back. The built-in modern fireplace and white walls are softened by the addition of a hanging basket chairhovering over toe-cossetting rugs,creating another informal family zone.


The layout of this space was reconfigured to include a separate dressing room, with reclaimed French doors leading to the bathroom. Built-in shelving on either side of the bed creates storage without detracting from the calm, serene feel of the room.


The former bathroom was given a bohemian face-lift using a mixof antique pieces and modern touches, such as the Chinese cabinet and contemporary patterned floor tiles.


This neat cloakroom on the third floor is brought to life by the wallpaper, adding a sense of playfulness which complements the rest of the house'sdown-to-earth feel.

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Photography ⁄ Marc van Praag

Styling / Nicole Dohmen