Stylishly clever garden decking ideas

Gorgeous decking ideas for a modern decked patio garden

We’ve found 18 stylish garden decking ideas for a chic, modern outdoor space.

From built-in hot tubs that can be revealed and easily put out of sight again by having a wood cover for it that blends in with the rest of the garden decking, to built-in, recessed lighting for a clean, modern look, there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of your garden decking.

Wood decking can also have glass panels fitted into it, useful if there is a floor below it, so you can let in light from above. Or use glass around the perimeter of it, to create a modern contrast against the natural material.

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Garden decking doesn’t have to have to be a box; a stretch of wooden ‘pier’ can provide a decked walkway from one patio to another, or stretch out over wild grasses or a pretty pond.

Wraparound decking creates a sleek, modern look – tour this modern beach villa just outside Copenhagen to see what we mean.

Placing garden decking at different heights can zone spaces with different functions; for example having a raised or step-down lounge space to separate it from an al fresco dining area.

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Transform any steps in the decking by using them as built-in planter boxes as well as space-saving bench seating.

Gorgeous wide reclaimed wood planks create a rustic look, while grey-toned wood decking helps to create a more sun-bleached Mediterranean look.

You could even take the wood floor up to create a vertical, slatted wood wall, creating a cocooning outdoor space.

See all of our garden decking ideas below…

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