Designers Agree This is The Perfect Couch — Comfortable, Chic and The Big Trend for 2024

You can't go wrong with anything designed by Mario Bellini — but designers are quite partial to this one specific sofa in particular

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Rayman Boozer is as decorated an interior designer as they come. The brainchild behind lauded New York City outfit Apartment 48 and a regular feature on the pages of Livingetc, Rayman has worked for years on all kinds of interiors — lofts, studios, homes, and more — honing his craft and the expert color consulting skills for which he is well-known.

As you know, we here at Livingetc work to keep you, dear readers, abreast of any and all interior design trends and changes as they emerge. But we also love to hear directly from some of our favorite interior visionaries about what they're loving these days, as there is no better opinion than one from a bonafide expert.

To that end, we had the pleasure of speaking with Rayman about the furniture piece he's been loving lately, and think you're going to love what he has to say. And if you're not immediately swayed by his recommendation, you'll surely find something you like in the handy bit of shopping we've compiled below.

Rayman Boozer's current home interiors obsession

A modern living room featuring an olive green modular sofa designed by Mario Bellini

(Image credit: B&B Italia)

At the moment, Rayman told us he's been particularly loving sectional sofas from Mario Bellini. "The low profile, diverse color options, and surprising comfort make them a standout choice for contemporary living spaces," he said, while the "modular aspect adds a layer of versatility, allowing for creative configurations to suit different preferences and room layouts."

We completely agree — if the showstopping silhouettes of these couches weren't enough, the breadth of available colorways really seals the deal. There is a Bellini for everyone! "The combination of style, comfort, and adaptability makes it a noteworthy addition to any home," Rayman went on.

And he's not the only designer. Its the most common couch to be featured in Livingetc right now. "So many designers —-and homeowners — love the Camaleonda," says Livingetc editor in chief Pip Rich. "And for good reason. Its relaxed yet smart, offering you the chance to lie back and unwind or sit casually with friends and a cocktail. It suits exactly how we want to live right now, to have both options at the ready."

If you're in the market for a new sofa, feel free to take Rayman's recommendations at face value; you simply cannot go wrong with one as it's the best sofa on the market right now. (We've linked the Camaleonda below — you'll be the envy of your entire block!). But if you'd rather shop for something slightly different — in both design, modularity, color, and price — I've compiled a special inspired edit below.

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