These 12 Pieces of Rattan Outdoor Furniture Can 'Soften the Look' of Your Back Patio Instantly

Rattan is light, versatile, and easy to clean, which makes it the perfect choice for outdoor furniture. Shop 12 of our favorite options on the market now.

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Aside from maybe wicker, no material screams summer more than rattan. It's light, it's natural, it's durable — what's not to love? Some of my favorite memories in life are sitting on a friend's back porch, likely lounging on a set of lovely rattan furniture, chatting the night away with a glass of wine in hand.

As a material, rattan is 'lightweight,' but 'very strong and flexible at the same time,' says Grey Joyner, founder of Grey Joyner Interiors. 'It is extremely durable and can withstand snow, sleet, rain, and even the sun’s UV rays,' which is why it makes for some of the best outdoor furniture. It is a type of climbing palm harvested from the rainforests of Asia, Africa, and Australia, and is very fast-growing. 'It can be fully grown and harvested in just a couple of years unlike some types of wood that take 25 plus years,' Grey says.

Used in an outdoor setting, rattan helps 'soften the look' of the area, especially one crafted from brick or concrete. It also 'works well with a casual bohemian and tropical/beachside-inspired vibe,' or 'in a garden where it can blend with its environment.' In short — if you're looking for some new outdoor pieces this summer, rattan is a great place to start.

And lucky for you, I've highlighted some of my favorite pieces from the best outdoor furniture brands for you below. I may not have tried these couches and chairs outright, but I scoured the internet for (what I've deemed) the most stylish picks before digging deep into the reviews to back up my recommendations. Let's get shopping!

Best Outdoor Rattan Couches

Best Outdoor Rattan Chairs

Best Outdoor Rattan Furniture Sets

Best Rattan Outdoor Coffee Tables

How would you style rattan outdoor furniture?

Rattan is quite versatile, so you might feel spoiled for choice when it comes to styling it. But the sky really is the limit here. 'Any color or print compliments it, but I tend to gravitate towards brighter of opposite in color. So any color but brown!' Grey Joyner tells me. This helps 'show off' the beauty of the rattan.

As far as added materials go, Grey would incorporate those that are 'different in appearance' than rattan to give each texture it's 'time to shine.' Think things like 'marble, concrete, solid wood, and metal.'

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