Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment from 'Sex and the City' — Here's How to Get the Look

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment offers lessons on city living, mastering controlled chaos, and, of course, maximizing your closet space

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from 'Sex and the City'
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Sweaters in the oven. The stale scent of cigarettes. No sofa, just a coffee table and chairs. I’m talking about Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. HBO’s iconic '90s rom-com Sex and the City made a triumphant return to Netflix, and a whole new generation is binge-watching the sitcom’s six seasons as if they just dropped. Carrie’s Upper East Side flat might not be the flashiest of the four leading ladies’ apartments, but there’s something as chaotically charming about it as the spastic columnist herself.

Offering no shortage of ideas for decorating an apartment, Carrie’s abode ‘was feminine and eclectic with a New Yorker’s touch,’ muses New York-based interior designer Emma Beryl at Emma Beryl Interiors. ‘She had mismatched furniture that looks as if she collected it over the years from different thrift stores and maybe even a last-day-of-the-month sidewalk find.’

‘The key to the look is organized chaos,’ Emma continues. ‘You need shelves full but organized in a system you know your way around.’ Carrie’s apartment features nightstands, dressers, media units, and bookshelves galore — none of which really go together — ‘but they are all good quality and perfect the eclectic look.’

Living in New York City myself, I find inspiration in the lived-in metropolitan glamour of Carrie’s apartment. And as someone who has also hit up one too many Manolo sample sales, I need tips on where to put my shoes. Over twenty-five years after the show’s initial release, join me as I delve into recreating the most iconic home in TV history.

Re-creating Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment

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Given that Carrie’s apartment was a studio, her bedroom area was a focal point throughout the show. Naturally, this is where I started my search.

Living Room

‘Her furniture is very low-key with a few chairs that have wood legs and arms and upholstered seats but nothing crazy in pattern or color. Stay neutral with leather or browns,’ urges Emma. And don’t forget to ‘look for storage everywhere so your small space can stay clean.’


There was no way I was discussing Carrie's apartment without mentioning her closet! ‘Carrie’s closet was stuffed to the brim,’ explains interior designer Emma Beryl. ‘Every square inch of space is utilized for something.’ The only thing that kept it out of complete disarray was the fact that Carrie utilized multiple kinds of storage — an important takeaway to maximize even the tiniest NYC closets.

‘It wasn’t just hanging space,’ says Emma. ‘There was space for long dresses, a closet rod stacked above another for shorter pieces of clothing, drawers, shelving for shoes, and hooks facing outward so that you can hang outfits before wearing them.’ The key takeaway? Variety.

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from 'Sex and the City'

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