This Viral 'Cabinet Storage Hack' is the Best Way to Make Your Kitchen's Blind Corners Work Better

Are you sick of navigating pesky corner cabinets? This splurge-worthy Target buy solves the problem in seconds — and I can't believe I didn't know about it before!

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In theory, a corner cabinet is a good idea. Why scoff at extra space, particularly in a small kitchen? In practice, however, corner cabinets are more frustrating than useful, at least in my experience. It's hard to fit much of anything in themm and retrieving what you did manage to store is equally as distressing.

If I'm spending good money on pots and pans from some of the best home decor brands, I want them ever-accessible, not tucked away in an impossible-to-navigate corner. But sometimes, that's the best storage option you have and you're stuck making do with an arrangement you never would have chosen in the first place.

If this sounds like a familiar pain point to you, you're going to love the product I found thanks to content creator Becky Daly (@dalydigs). It's a bit pricey, I'll admit, but the added convenience looks well worth the splurge; and, after some digging, I found a version that's on sale.

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'This 2-tier pull-out is the best decision I made for the blind corner in the pantry,' Becky wrote in the caption of an IG reel with ith over 200,000 likes. 'It slides completely out allowing easy access to [an] otherwise hard-to-reach spot in the back of the cabinet. It’s the best cabinet storage hack!'

I'll say so. I was gobsmacked watching this nifty little contraption get to work. No need to bend down and dig on your hands and knees, contorting your shoulder and arm to reach the pot lid on the back right or left. No more mess or unused space. It's pure ingenuity that's worth every cent.

Of course, cabinet organization goes far beyond blind corners, and if you clicked into this article, I'd assume you're in the market for a bit of order in your kitchen. Below, you'll find six other worthwhile options for tidying up your cupboards, some of which I'll be 'adding to cart' myself.

6 genius cabinet organization tools

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