These Viral No-Screw Kitchen Drawer Add-Ins Are Genius for Decluttering (and Great for Small Spaces)

Where have these been all my life? Thanks to this TikTok-backed buy, I'm ready to completely organize my kitchen cabinets for the better

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Do you ever come across an Instagram or TikTok hack and think to yourself, 'How did I never know this product existed?' This glorious, glorious product whose only power, at the end of the day, is to improve my life ... where was it hiding this whole time?

That's one of the reasons I love scrolling Instagram and TikTok — every day I find something new, and honestly thrilling, to share with the Livingetc audience. Something I'm pretty confident you haven't heard of either, considering I'm chronically online and would sooner die than give up my Twitter account. Sometimes these little trinkets and gadgets are available at some of the best home decor brands; other times they're DIYs. But most times ... they're from Amazon.

And so I bring to you my latest and greatest find: no-screw, adjustable cabinet 'drawers.'


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We have all been there — you're in the middle of cooking dinner when suddenly you need a pot or plate from the back of your cabinet ... and bad. But your hands are covered in oil or dough or whatever mixture du jour you've got cooking, and to obtain the pot would require digging through — and subsequently dirtying — a whole cupboard full of kitchenware. Still, it's your only option, and you curse your amateur chef hubris as you sort through the rubble, clanking bowls and trivets every which way to get to what you need. It's a whole mess.

With these cabinet drawers, however (you can probably see where I'm going with this), say goodbye to cupboard diving and hello to peace of mind. Gone are the days of mid-recipe panic. Gone are the days of cacophony, courtesy of pot lids banging against walls. And gone are the days of cursing under your breath before your roommates say 'What?' and you respond 'Nothing!' Where have these been all my life?

Cabinet 'Drawers'


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