This Viral $10 Hack Instantly Organizes Your Messy Bar Cabinet (Plus 9 Chic Stemware Options to Add to Your Cart)

Now that I know of this handy viral tool, my kitchen cabinets have no excuse being as messy as they are. Aesthetic cupboards loading ... and just in time for a spring refresh!

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In my wildest dreams, the cabinets in my city apartment are much bigger than they are now, meaning I could fit oodles and oodles of unique and colorful stemware I would have collected over the years. As it stands, my cabinets are barely big enough for an added souvenir mug, let alone a multitude of wine glasses and coupes. And what is in there now is a bit crammed and, I'll be honest, poorly organized, because I just haven't had the wherewithal to solve the problem.

As a shopping editor, I'm constantly perusing glassware sales from the best home decor brands and it physically pains me to have to not buy everything I see. It's not because the pieces aren't gorgeous and chic; it's because I simply do not have the room! Or at least that's what I thought before I found this clever and affordable product from Amazon while scrolling through TikTok one day.


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Though the original user, @Brookes_Buys, sets these up in her bar cabinet, I think they would work just as well in your kitchen cabinets or anywhere you store stemware. As you can see, the million dollar product here is a sleek and chic under-cabinet organizer that stores all of your stemware upside down. This unexpected arrangement not only cuts down on empty space but, depending on how tall your cabinets are, could free up a whole shelf down below.

No screws and no drill needed — and if you ever have to move, just slide them off and bring them to your new place. It truly couldn't be less painless.

Now ... I know what you're thinking. It's either: 'Brigid, I love this idea but I don't have any stemware to try it with!' or 'Brigid, thank you for giving me an excuse to buy more stemware!' Whichever it is, I once again have you covered. While you're here, take a minute to shop some of my favorite wine glasses and coupes on the market now. Just don't forget to thank me when you cheers!

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