Want to hunker down in high style? It's easy with these wonderful winter warmers.

Staying warm at home stylishly is a cinch with our edit of chic throws and cosy blankets.

When the weather’s cold and blustery outside and you’ve decided to hunker down at home, it’s easy enough to turn the heating up a few degrees. Yet there’s a simple joy to be had when snuggling on the sofa under a cosy soft-against-the-skin blanket, whether you’re curling up with your favourite person, pet or just enjoying a gentle snooze after binging on the latest box set.

It’s even better when said blankets and throws look as good as those that we’ve selected below.

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The blankets and throws that follow vary in texture from super-luxe alpaca and sumptuous Merino wool to soft cotton and machine washable fabrics. And when you’re done with your down time, there’s no need to hide these throws and blankets away in a drawer – these pieces are designed to be displayed in all their finery.

There are bold hues, on-trend patterns, artist illustrations and handcrafted designs that will bring a boost of colour and character to your living room or bedroom.

If you like to freshen your rooms with the seasons, the addition of a colourful throw (and a few cushions in heavier fabrics) is a simple and stylish way to do this.

Drape a throw over the arm or back of your sofa, place one over a lounge chair or fold across the foot of your bed so that you have an extra layer of luxurious comfort and warmth to hand. Some of these blankets can even be worn as a poncho if you can’t tear yourself away.

After all, when the temperature dips, being wrapped in beautiful blanket is a great way to stay cosy and keep your style standards on point.

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