'They Bring a Sense of Romance to Your Bedroom' — 12 of the Best Pink Bedding Sets

Looking for something beyond white sheets? These pink bedding sets are a stylish and subtle way to bring color to your bedroom

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Pink bedding sets are more popular that you might first think. This sweet and bold color is particularly popular this year as the Barbie movie brings fuchsia back into the spotlight. Despite being on trend this year, pink is a strong contender in the world of color. It's a joyful hue that still packs a punch and can be played up or down depending on the shade you go for.

Bedding in brighter pinks like magenta and cerise are perfect as bold accent throws and cushions. Go for a muted and moody version of pink like mauve or blush for a more understated and elegant. Pared-back and pastel pinks in blush and rose tones are popular for their light and airy feel. With so many varieties, it can be difficult to know which pink bedding sets are the best picks, we can help.

We’ve looked for the best bedding sets in rosy hues to develop a curated list of our favorites.

1. Patterned Pink Bedding

2. Pink Plain Bedding

3. Pink Floral Bedding

4. Pink Striped Bedding

How do I choose the best pink bedding?

When choosing your pink bedding, start by looking around the room. You’re bedding needs to be a cohesive addition to your interior and will need to work in tandem with other interior elements. These include the color of your walls, floor and rug as well as your furniture and lighting. The more planning and consideration that goes into your scheme, the less regret later when your bedding works with your interior. If you’re going for a calm and collected oasis, you may find lighter pink tones work in your favor. This is also the advice of the interior designer.

'Go for lighter blush tones,' reveals award-winning interior designer, Greg Natale. It’s not one size fits all though, deeper pinks and berry heus may be perfect for more statement interior styles. Your pink bedding is also subject to the same bedding rules, consider the thread-count, care instructions and material composition to ensure your pink bedding feels as good as it looks.

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