The 12 Best Linen Bedding Sets — Style-Editor Approved Buys For Feeling of Comfortable Luxury

The 12 best linen bedding sets to help you create that sense of understated luxe at home, chosen by our editors for their durability and style

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Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in existence and presents a great number of qualities, from its breathable and lightweight feel to its ability to soften with washing. Opting for a linen bedding set allows you to create a calm and inviting bed that isn’t going to wither away a few washes later. Linen is especially appealing to those in warmer climates as it is great for temperature regulation. 

The only downside to choosing your bedding set made from this wondrous fiber is its price. Linen is extracted from the flax plant, its cultivation was most widely known in Europe popularizing the terms ‘French’ and ‘Belgian’ linen, both of which still hold value today. Producing linen is a costly exercise as the plant fibers are extremely difficult to harvest and the weaving is much more time-intensive when compared to the cheaper and more readily available cotton.

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How much does a linen bedding set cost? 

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Due to the extensive production costs of linen, it can be on the pricier side when it comes to bedding. Belgian or French flax linen will be on the more expensive side as these are cultivated in Europe and require a time-intensive process to weave into bed linens. 

"There are huge differences in linen quality. The quality depends, among other facts, on the length and strength of the flax fiber. There are sets below $200 for 2 cushion covers and a duvet cover for a double bed. I work a lot with the Dutch company, by mölle, they offer sustainable fabrics and great craftsmanship in the Netherlands. Their bed linen starts from around $250 per set," says German designer,  Constanze Ladner. If you are looking for linen on a budget, don't be detracted from linen blend bedding sets as these can often recreate the look for less and introduce additional benefits to the fabric. 

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