Best Blue Bedding Sets — 12 Picks for Timeless Style in the Bedroom

Blue bedding sets are a great alternative for a bedroom. From moody navy to pretty cornflower blues, here are some of our favorites

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Denim, indigo, cerulean, blueberry, turquoise — blue really does come in a plethora of hues and each will bring something completely different to your bedding. Darker tones of blue like sapphire and navy evoke elegance and tradition whilst mid-lighter iterations like powder or sky blue can feel more calming and peaceful.

Blue is also an obvious partner for white too, their partnership has defined looks like coastal or country. To help you get your toes into blue bedding, we’ve curated list of our picks of the best bedding sets in beautiful blue from home decor stores. If you’re in need of bedding inspiration or advice, take a look at our best bedding feature for an exclusive list as well as advice from the experts.

1. Blue Plain Bedding Sets

2. Blue Contemporary Bedding Sets

3. Blue Cotton Bedding Sets

4. Blue Floral Bedding Sets

What color bed sets go with blue walls?


The choice of your bedding will depend on the shade of blue that you go for. Pair deeper navy-blue walls with lighter bedding that is white for a crisp and elegant contrast. Ochre or mustard bedding would also work well with darker blue walls and can be blended with white for a layered look. Lighter blues offer a lot more room to play with, an easy win is white here too, but you can easily introduce more muted colors like a dusty pink or sea green for a bit more character. When asked about the bedding she’d match with blue walls, “A sage green or deep navy blue would be a great combination,” revealed contemporary interior designer, Caitlin Parker of Parker Studio. The key is to make sure your bedding and the walls are in balance. This is ultimately a space to relax so you want to opt for colors, textures, and tones that bring out the peace and beauty of your blue.

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