Beautiful pieces for stylish sleep zones

All dressed up

Take your idea of a walk-in wardrobe, go the extra mile, and then another one, and finally you might end up somewhere near the jaw-droppingly indulgent designs offered at Poliform.

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and first launched in 2003, its Ubik system has enjoyed many makeovers over the years, most recently taking the form of hanging rails, shelves, drawers and suspended ‘showcase chests’, brought together to display clothes and collectables in an easy-to-browse department-store style, the perfect add-on to any bedroom.

Yet, with Poliform’s acute attention to detail and demand for the finest materials always at the top of the agenda, we’re talking hanging rails bound in leather and drawer fronts of reflective fumé glass. Impressive stuff.

Just dandy

Word on the street is that, worn as separates, pyjamas now qualify as daywear. Not convinced? Yolke’s offerings do the silky and soft thing in such a way that you’d be hard-pressed to think otherwise.

Dimming down

Casper, master of the mattress-in-a-box, knows the value of a good night’s sleep. Its Casper Glow night light dims gradually to help you doze off without interruption; come morning, it fills the room with soft light.

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If great design is a game of proportions then Living Divani's Pebble vanity, with its chunky marble top seeming to rest weightlessly on a thin steel frame, must be considered a triumph. Factor in its rotating mirror and you can add pampering practicality to its list of accolades. An option to take away the mirror and add a drawer unit with three open compartments means it doubles as a writing desk too.


Sustainability has been the leading force in the world of mattresses recently, driven by the fact that more than 73 per cent of mattresses end up in landfill. With many of us becoming more aware of the health risks of overexposure to petrochemicals and plastics, a mattress filled with synthetic chemicals just won’t sell any more.

According to Adam Black, founder of Button & Sprung, the industry has reacted accordingly, with the new wave of mattresses naturally filled, handcrafted, pocket-sprung and covered in fire-resistant material made from viscose (which originates from wood pulp), which removes chemicals from the mattress entirely.


Think latest technology and chances are you picture a black box or something in moulded white plastic. But things are evolving so that the innovative smart world now goes hand in hand with traditional craftsmanship and natural materials.

The latest launch from ANDEN, the Valet Model II, is a luxury charger and desk tidy made to order using furniture-grade timber and, wherever possible, offcuts from larger projects to minimise wastage.

Each piece is meticulously finished by hand to get a smooth finish before final oiling. It does a great job charging and looks pretty good on your bedside table, too.

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