This Viral Amazon Buy is a Genius — and Chic — Way to Make Your Countertops Look Better and Last for Longer

Every modern kitchen is prone to the same problem, and this viral Amazon buy will not only save your countertops but will save you time, too

marble drying mat
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Especially in big cities, having a dishwasher might be a rarity. For most metropolitan dwellers, their only choice when it comes to clean plates and cups is to wash their dishware by hand, a process that's as wet and messy as it is time-consuming and cumbersome. 

If your sink and countertops are small, you're forced to contend with basin-adjacent puddle that only grows as your dishes dry. It's a whole thing! One that many modern kitchens suffer from.

Well, as they often do, the brilliant minds using Instagram scrolled the ever-handy Amazon to find a fabulous purchase that not only eliminates some of the watery mess from handwashing your dishes, but also looks pretty great, too.

You're going to want to keep reading to find out more.

The viral dishwashing solution

How does this even work?! As highlighted in this Instagram post by blogger Rebecca Smith, this stone drying mat from Amazon is non-slip, heat-resistant, eco-friendly, and dries quickly. It's made of diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that can be used as a liquid absorbent, among other applications. The product itself is also quite large at about two feet long and about 16 inches wide. Use it for dishes, use it as a trivet, use it as a coffee mat ... the choice is yours! Just as well is the design — with its marbled facade, this is a practical piece you won't feel bad about leaving out on your counter.

The holidays might be all about hosting, but hosting is all about hacking, and how to make the experience that much easier for you. Get a jump start with this mat and say goodbye to pesky run-off and extra dishwater. Consider it a gift to yourself this holiday season!

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