This color will instantly energize your hallway, according to Little Greene’s Creative Director

The sunshine shade will give an optimistic boost to all who pass through this space – and it’s backed by science

Colorful painted room with bright tones
(Image credit: Little Greene)

The study of color psychology is currently shaping interior trends in every room – but none more so than the first space of the home – the hallway. This high-traffic area usually serves as an introduction to the rest of your home – whilst being the room that will leave a lasting impression on guests as they leave. 

Your painted wall ideas in this space count – so what do the experts suggest? Little Greene’s Creative Director, Ruth Mottershead, recommends looking towards yellow – and her suggestion is reinforced by science. 

The color you should paint your hallway, according to psychology

Annie Sloan Wall Paint English Yellow Home Office

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

‘Whilst the reaction to color is very personal, there are some universal responses to a color such as Yellow, which is a shade that adds positivity to a space, making us feel uplifted, happy, energized, and invited. It is the perfect shade for a hallway or a front door, providing a warm invitation to any home,’ Ruth says.

Alongside its energizing qualities, the color expert suggests yellow will provoke feelings of ‘warmth and coziness’ that create the welcoming space your guests crave. ‘It is sunshine in your home and is perfect for spaces with a high level of activity – noise, laughter, and fun,’ Ruth explains. 

However, in a world of vast yellow tones, which one is best? For a ‘joyful, welcoming and optimistic space,’ Ruth recommends Little Greene’s Indian Yellow and Giallo. She adds that these colors are currently increasing in desirability, as color trends shift ‘from cooler grays and whites into warmer, richer natural stone and comforting sandy hues.’

Light Gold by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Plus, Ruth is not exclusive in her admiration for yellow hallways. Color psychologist Lee Chambers agrees with her choice, adding that a yellow hallway is likely to evoke feelings of happiness and vibrancy. ‘While as a color that can fatigue your eyes quickly, yellow is perfect in a hallway for creating a sunny welcome – and a creative burst as you leave,’ he says. 

Similarly, color expert Helen OKeeffe from EZ Living Interiors adds that yellows’ hues will brighten dark hallways and evoke positivity in those who pass through the transitional space. 

Colorful painted room with bright tones

(Image credit: Little Greene)

This is the uplifting hallway idea that not only looks good – but makes us feel good too. We’re basking in yellow’s sunshine tones at the earliest opportunity.  

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