The IKEA hacks that add value to a home – the small changes that will make a big difference when selling your home

These are the top IKEA hacks that impress buyers, according to interior designers and real estate experts

IKEA Bodbyn green kitchen
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Will an IKEA transformation add value to your home? Generations of savvy home dwellers have known that IKEA is brilliant value for money where it comes to designing and furnishing a house, but the retail giant hasn't always been associated with desirable features that will make buyers name a higher price.

We have spoken to interior designers and experienced house flippers who have helped us identify IKEA hacks that look amazing as kitchen updates and storage solutions, while increasing your home's resale value. 

1. A sleek bathroom vanity

IKEA Ratviken sink cabinet

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Bathroom vanities are a staple of luxury bathroom ideas, and IKEA make vanity units that are incredible value for money. Hope this is helpful! If you'd like to use this information, please attribute it to Elyse Moody, interior design expert at Designer Appliances in Montclair, New Jersey, highly recommends getting this highly attractive bathroom feature from IKEA: 'IKEA's Rättviken one-piece bathroom sink/countertop incredibly cost effective ($100 to $140) and a beautiful way to update your bathroom. The integrated backsplash has an elegant shape, and because there are no seams to grout, it is very easy to keep clean. It comes in three sizes, so they can fit most standard existing bathroom cabinetry.'

And while we're on the subject of bathrooms, it makes sense to give IKEA faucets and other bathroom accessories a good look. Tyler Forte, the Co-Founder & CEO of Felix Homes, a company striving to create a financially responsible way to buy or sell a home, said: 'Updating your bathroom is an easy way to add value to your home. And IKEA has several items to upscale your bathroom at a fraction of the cost. For instance, IKEA has a variety of bathroom faucets in elegant styles ranging from $50 to $150. This is a great value compared to similar faucets from other manufacturers.'

2. A kitchen island solution for small kitchens

IKEA Bodbyn series kitchen

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IKEA has championed design solutions for smaller homes for many decades, and small kitchen ideas are its particular strength. Cristiana Crin, Space Designer at Chicago-based Perpetuum Designs, highly recommends IKEA kitchen islands as a space-saving and value-adding solution for smaller kitchen space: 'One of the most underestimated items at Ikea are the kitchen islands and the kitchen carts. You might consider these items if your kitchen is not big enough for a standard size island or any island at all. The IKEA furniture concept is built with the most important element of design in mind: form follows function. And these items can transform your kitchen into something beautiful.'

If there's really no room for an island of any kind, Cristiana recommends focussing on wall storage: 'If there’s an odd corner or a small useless space, then you need to focus your attention on the kitchen wall organization & storage. Plenty and fun products that will fit your space. Maybe even go a touch further and transform that awkward space into a fun accent corner (with a touch of fresh paint).' 

3. Endlessly customizable mini storage

IKEA Moppe storage chest

(Image credit: IKEA)

Cristiana also gives high praise to IKEA's panache for useful and customizable storage units: 'There are some fun items you can mix and match while emphasizing on functionality. Between the drawer units section and bookcases & shelving units, you can completely transform your room. I’d suggest to even pay a visit to their business solution section and with confidence, explore their variety of fun, functional items.'

Nathaniel Ramirez, the founder of Good Neighbor Home Buyer, goes a step further to suggest using the Moppe storage chest as an eye-catching shoe storage in the hallway, or creating a one-of-a-kind painted home office storage unit with it: 'No doubt it is Ikea's most hacked product ever. From its diminutive chest of drawers to its unassuming birch exterior and small size fit, it lends itself to easy makeovers.' This will play especially well as part of home office ideas for home-working buyers.

4. Bedroom storage with a built-in look

IKEA bedroom storage

(Image credit: IKEA)

Additional closet space is the most important bedroom feature to home buyers, but it can cost a fortune. IKEA to the rescue, with its wealth of clever bedroom storage ideas. The trick is to make IKEA storage look like custom-built, fitted storage, according to our experts. 

Andra DelMonico, the Lead Interior Designer for Trendey, recommends:  'Add a cabinet unit that looks like a built-in unit in the living room, dining room, or bedroom. This increases storage space and creates a decor display area. The built-in effect elevates the look of your home and increases its perceived value.'

Devin Shaffer, Lead Interior Designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design, seconds this view: 'Designing closet systems is absolutely daunting and so many clients nearly give up either from having sticker shock from very high end and custom closet companies or from the fear of having to take a DIY installation approach. When trying to add value to your home before a resale or for a short-term investment, IKEA is the place to go for closet solutions. The options are customizations are limitless, including tie and scarf storage as well as jewelry and accessory organization.'

5. Update your lighting scheme

IKEA Misterhult pendant lamp

(Image credit: IKEA)

Gone are the days when everyone associated IKEA lighting with the ubiquitous paper lantern. Although you can still get them, IKEA has come a long way to creating sophisticated designs (we especially like their hallway and bedroom lighting ideas). David said: 'It used to be that every IKEA product screamed the brand and homes
became billboards or showrooms promoting the product line. Times have
changed and their lighting styles have expanded immensely. 

David confesses to using IKEA all the time for his projects and recommends taking the time to explore their range to find items that look high-end: 'From pendants
and chandeliers to underlighting, it's a designer's dream using their
products to get layers of light in a room. To quickly elevate the look of
your home to modern and smart, take the leap and go all in IKEA by lighting
up your wardrobes, vanities, kitchen counters, bookcases, and even outdoor

Great lighting, killer bedroom storage, and a sleek kitchen with an island? You are guaranteed great offers from buyers.

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