Chrome Coffee Accessories are Trending, and They're a Stylish Way to Elevate your Espresso Bar

For the most stylish and sophisticated coffee nook, embrace the trend for chrome accessories and refresh your espresso bar setup

A coffee bar with a black tiled backsplash, a coffee machine, and open shelving displaying flowers in a vase
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Chrome coffee accessories are taking over my socials right now, and I mean more than just the appliances themselves. A beautifully polished coffee machine is one thing, but pair it with sophisticated chrome espresso cups and your caffeine station will look so much more elevated.

The chic silvery-chrome hue takes on a new life in a kitchen space and a coffee nook is the perfect place to host this sleek finish. However, it's not just my personal love for chrome that's driving me to spread the word about this trend. The experts seem to be taking inspiration from this aesthetic as well and so we've asked them to give us all their tips on how to style this trend for the coolest homebound brewing station. From the best espresso machines to match your chrome theme to the chicest coffee mugs, we've scoured the virtual aisles to find the best accessories so you can adopt this trend like a pro.

Why are chrome coffee accessories having a moment?

According to interior designer Nina Lichtenstein, chrome has recently become a standout element in home decor. 'Its sleek, reflective finish brings modern elegance to any space, making it a trending choice among interior designers and homeowners,' she says. 'And when it comes to creating the perfect coffee nook, incorporating chrome accessories can transform an ordinary corner into a stylish retreat.'

Nina explains that the chrome metallic trend's popularity can be attributed to its versatile appeal and ability to blend well with various design styles. 'Whether your home exudes a minimalist vibe, industrial charm, or classic elegance, chrome accessories add a contemporary edge that feels both timeless and cutting-edge,' she says. 'Additionally, chrome is durable and easy to maintain, ensuring your space remains chic and polished with minimal effort,' she notes.

The reflective quality of chrome also brightens spaces, creating an illusion of openness and light, which is particularly appealing in smaller areas like coffee bar ideas.

How to adopt the chrome trend into your coffee nook

Adopting this trend is fairly easy. Simply think of all of the things that no modern coffee nook is complete without and try to find them in a chrome finish. Founder of Intrabuild, Nick Chatzigeorgakis, tells us that the key to designing with chrome is to not overdo it. This is why chrome accessories work perfectly to style up a space without making it look too busy.

If you're more of a minimalist designer when it comes to your caffeine corner, you can adopt the trend by peppering in a couple of chrome accessories. But if you're like me and you're absolutely loving the metallic era, then feel free to dive into the trend and curate a cohesively chromatic space.

1. Chrome Coffee Machines

coffee niche with terrazzo surround and chrome coffee machine

(Image credit: Mariko Reed. Project by Karina Marshall of Blaine Marshall)

As the star of the show, it's only right to give chrome coffee machines their moment in your space. Coffee makers usually take on the role of being the focal point of a coffee niche, so finding one in a chrome finish is a great way to dip into the trend in a big way.

Nina tells us that a sleek, chrome coffee maker serves as both a practical appliance and a statement piece. 'It instantly modernizes the nook and complements your countertop surroundings,' she says.

2. Modern Mugs & Canisters

silver cafetiere against a blue wall

(Image credit: Future)

Chrome mugs are probably one of my favorite items to come out of the metallic decor trend. They effortlessly elevate a morning cup of Joe and I have a feeling that it just might be the cure to morning blues.

Nina recommends opting for chrome-plated mugs and storage canisters for an upgraded coffee bar-senal. 'These items not only look sophisticated but also keep your coffee essentials organized and within easy reach,' says Nina.

3. Chrome Lighting Fixtures

A kitchen with white marble countertops, statement cylindrical lighting and chrome finishes

(Image credit: Butter & Eggs Design/Photographer Joshua McHugh)

According to Nina, chrome pendant lights or wall sconces. are a great way to illuminate a coffee bar. 'The gleaming finish of the lights enhances the overall brightness and creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere,' she says.

Nick shares a similar sentiment to Nina and tells us that pendant lighting doused in a chrome finish can enhance task lighting in a useful yet dramatic way. Whether it's a table lamp, a wall sconce, or an overhead accent, chrome lighting is easy to source and a quickfire way to adopt the trend in an unexpected way.

4. Sleek Organizational Accents

As learned from Jennifer Garner's practical coffee nook, shelving and organization are of utmost importance, and it offers another subtle way to infuse your space with polished chrome accents. 'Install chrome shelves to display your favorite coffee beans, mugs, and decorative items,' says Nina. 'The reflective surface of the shelves adds depth and dimension to the nook.'

Nick tells us that his recent go-to for modern kitchens is chrome shelves as it visually opens up the space in a way that other finishes fail to do. 'In one of my recent projects, I incorporated a chrome shelving unit to display coffee mugs and a chrome light fixture,' recalls Nick. 'The client loved how these pieces tied the space together and gave it a chic, stylish feel without being over the top.'

And while you're at it, Nina also recommends adding a polished chrome tray to the mix. 'This can serve as a chic base for arranging your coffee accessories,' she notes. 'It’s perfect for holding everything from sugar bowls to teaspoons, keeping the nook tidy and stylish.'

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