"It's a Bold and Exciting Way to Decorate" — The Trend Designers are Loving and Their Advice on How to Style It

We're only a few months into 2024 and one thing is already clear: we're going for the silver, not gold

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After consulting a few designers about emerging spring trends, one stood out boldly from the rest. No, it's not a splashy color or the cliché florals — this trend is in fact, actually groundbreaking for spring, confirming what I've sensed in the air for months now.

Metallic accents. From silvery chrome to stainless steel, it seems we're all drawn to this irresistible new interior design trend like magpies. What may appear industrial or sterile at first glance actually exudes glamour and freshness, ideal for spring or whenever your space needs a lift.

Colorist and interior designer Kristi Nelson remarked on the metallic trend, 'The versatility of silvery metals just opens up a smorgasbord of opportunities in design. If a subtle touch is all you want, a silvery accessory like a large bowl or coasters or candlesticks is a really easy way to add in the sparkle without a big commitment’ Or, as Kristi suggests, go all-in and 'cover a wall or ceiling with metallic paper!'

Intrigued? You're not alone. Explore the trend everyone's buzzing about for 2024 and beyond.

Best Metallic Decor

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Why the sudden surge in metallics? According to another design expert, Flora Hogg, stainless steel, silver chrome — anything silver, really — has a sense of sentimental comfort. Think stainless steel platters or sundae cups from your favorite childhood cafe. Shiny accents evoke a potent ‘nostalgia for the days of classic diners' and even 'high end restaurants with white tablecloths,’ says Flora. The best trends are versatile, and metallics lend that high-low appeal. Plus, ‘Chrome offers a utilitarian feel,’ she adds, blending seamlessly into any environment and reflecting its surroundings.

Unlike fleeting trends (apologies, swiggles), the great news is that silvery metallic accents are here to stay. Metallics have endured throughout the decades, 'and every era we have another interpretation,' Flora adds. I might be biased, but this latest iteration is perhaps the most inventive and visually intriguing yet. Metallics are no longer confined to cold, hard surfaces like tables and chairs. Now, they're making appearances in soft materials and upholstery, introducing novel crinkled textures and adding a touch of shimmer to every corner of our spaces.

How should I style metallic decor?

Unless you happen to live in a spaceship, industrial warehouse, or perhaps a commercial kitchen, metallics will definitely stand out against your existing decor — and this contrast is precisely what you want to capitalize on when styling.

'I love the juxtaposition of stainless steel elements in a traditional property,’ says Flora. ‘Even something as simple as a chrome vase paired with a fluid floral arrangement can create an interesting moment.’ This versatility allows for seamless integration into spaces, whether on a grand scale or with subtle accents. She also notes that metallics pair particularly well with vibrant colors, which offset their sheen and lend a touch of warmth.

Another approach to styling comes from David Mann, President of MR Architecture + Decor, who advocates for a different kind of contrast: natural materials. ‘Natural elements like wood or stone adds depth and warmth,’  he suggests. 'Strategic placement maximizes impact, making the space visually captivating.'

Before you go overboard with chrome and load up your shopping cart with every shiny find, consider this advice from interior designer Artem Kropovinsky: ‘The less, the better with metallics,’ Be strategic in your choices, and ‘Play with colors and textures to softly integrate those elements without overwhelming.' This conservative approach results in a curated, artistic look that aligns with this new wave of space-age glamour.

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