Jennifer Garner’s Coffee Nook is so Practical and Takes up Hardly any Space - Here’s how to Recreate the Look

The actress's cozy little in-house café corner is the perfect addition to a coffee lover's kitchen and it's easy to recreate the look in your own home

Jennifer Garner
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We love when people go above and beyond to make their homes as functional as possible. This could mean strategic storage, hidden doorways to secret rooms, or indulgent coffee nooks, the latter of which happen to be at the top of our wishlist right now. If bar nooks are a normal home essential, then why aren't coffee niches?

A quaint coffee bar can make a lovely addition to any modern kitchen. After all, it's probably where you're most likely to start your day, which makes it all the more important to design it to suit your space perfectly. If you're looking for a touch of inspiration, you're in luck because we just caught a glimpse of a beloved actress' coffee nook and it's undeniably the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. We spoke to a couple of interior design experts who've given us their top tips so you can DIY your very own chic coffee nook for an elevated kitchen space.

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In a recent Instagram video of Jennifer Garner, she gave us a peek into her beautifully styled coffee nook and we haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. In the reel, she mentions that she's getting ready to make her morning espresso and her daughter's favorite pancakes to start the day, but somewhere along the way, we get lost in admiration of her well-curated coffee niche.

The minimalistic kitchen nook is complete with floating shelves for her cups and mugs, a cabinet for her coffee supplies, and the countertop even features a convenient small sink. Thoughtfully created and well-designed, Jennifer's coffee bar has everything one could possibly want from an in-house café corner.

Every now and then when we find inspiration from a celebrity home, it can be slightly tricky to recreate the look but the best part about this rustic coffee nook is that it's very easy to recreate, and we're not talking out-of-budget replicable either. Interior design expert Elana Mendelson tells us that recreating Jennifer's coffee nook can be easy, affordable, and fun provided you have the space to execute your vision.

a coffee bar with a built in coffee machine

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Every coffee nook needs a dedicated space for storage to avoid kitchen clutter and keep the space in order. Design expert Nina Lichtenstein tells us that Jennifer's coffee nook strikes a harmonious balance between aesthetics and utility.

'Central to this setup are the floating shelves elegantly displaying an assortment of both useful and decorative items,' she says. 'The open shelving not only adds visual interest but also provides convenient access to favorite cups, mugs, and glasses for brewing and enjoying coffee, tea, or other beverages.' Nina also points out that beneath the floating shelves, a bottom cabinet offers discrete storage for coffee essentials, keeping everything neatly organized and within reach. 'This smart storage solution maintains the clean lines of the nook while maximizing functionality,' she says.

By the side of Jennifer's coffee machine, we spotted a small sink that adds the perfect finishing touch to her coffee niche. Although this may seem like a frivolous addition to some, we are all for a specialized spot for any sort of cleanup needed after brewing up a rich cup of coffee.

Aside from the smart functional aspects of the coffee nook, we can't help but admire the cozy accents that truly pull the space together. For instance, the warm overhead lighting focussed on the nook truly makes the space all the more usable. Not to mention the color co-ordinated shelving and cabinetry all dipped in a soft neutral off-white shade, complimenting the rest of her kitchen.

coffee niche in a wood cabinets with a pocket door

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Curating your own coffee nook is a great way to personalize your kitchen and give it a contemporary touch. Instead of wasting precious kitchen real estate on open space or visual kitchen clutter, try creating your own little corner of caffeine heaven. And if you're not a seasoned coffee drinker, you can also convert it into a tea bar or take Nina's advice and add in a small mini fridge to store wine or other beverages of your choice.

No matter your drink order, this is a great way to optimize your kitchen while also saving on your daily coffee purchases. And the next time you have a guest over or you're in need of a fix, you won't have to take a ride to a nearby coffee shop. All you'll have to do is venture into your coffee nook and fix yourself a fresh cup of Joe!

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