These are the Best 5 Viral Buys of 2023 That No Home Should go Without

We've handpicked the very best products to make your home both more organized and beautiful

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We love a viral buy here at Livingetc. Anything that has caught mass attention for its practical uses or its beauty is a contender, and all in the name of bringing you the best buys to transform your space into a stylish haven.

The best modern homes don't discriminate when it comes to design which is why we appreciate a high-low mix here at Livingetc. Many of our viral buys are affordable and can be purchased from your everyday retailer, but the power they have to transform your home is worth its weight in gold. 

In the past few years, since the explosion of TikTok, we've seen a lot of contenders for this title. Whilst we whittle down the list as much as possible, there are still quite a few that we think everyone should know about, which is why we're re-sharing the five viral buys that have changed our lives this year that everyone should know about and no home is complete without. If you look at nothing else before the start of 2024, let it be this.

1. Bed sheet organizer

White shelves with folded linen and baskets

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This buy has changed the way I store my sheets. Before I caved into the pressure of this viral product I would constantly misplace bedding and pull out different sized components or mismatched sets. Finding the right sheets for the right bed was making the bed-making process far longer than it needed to be. 

These bed sheet organizers went viral for organizing your linen cupboard, quickly making it look perfect. 'Organizing sheets can be quite a challenge, not just folding them but also storing them,' says expert organizer Sara Bereika. 'It's common to forget the size of each sheet, and they can become quite a mess.' Instead, with a bed sheet organizer, like this one from Amazon, you can easily label sheets for easy identification. Trust us, this viral buy is well worth the hype.

2. Paint touch up pen

white room with terracotta fireplace with blue checkerboard pattern

(Image credit: Graphenstone)

If you're a frequent DIYer, you need this genius gadget in your life. If you've ever completed a paint idea and noticed a missing spot or you accidentally made a nick in your paintwork, it makes the task of perfecting your work for a professional looking finish so much easier. Before you've finished your project, fill up the touch up paint pen (available on Amazon) with your paint of choice and store it away for a rainy day. The kit comes with an easy-to-use syringe that sucks up the paint and deposits it in the pen contraption sans mess. It's as simple as that.

3. IKEA jewellery holder

IKEA jewellery holder

(Image credit: IKEA)

This IKEA wall decor went viral for being the perfect shape for a jewelry holder, and it's a great IKEA buy to decorate your dressing room. The piece was intended to be wall decor but struck a real cord with lifestyle bloggers who quickly started using it as a jewelry holder. Priced at only $15, this item is a complete steal that looks incredibly expensive.

4. Fridge turntable

An open fridge with a clear plastic turn table on the shelf

(Image credit: IKEA)

You might think that the Lazy Susan is a dated piece of machinery, however this year we rediscovered the turntable as a form of fridge organization. You can buy a special type that's specifically designed to maximize space in your fridge and make your condiments more accessible, complete with suction cups to attach to your shelves. 

This viral buy comes courtesy of IKEA and helps you make the most of every inch of space in your fridge with no awkward corners left empty. If you haven't tried this trick already you'll be shocked at how much more space you now have, and the viral fridge organizer is a real game-changer if you're guilty of letting the food in the back of your fridge go to waste!

5. Ultra thin outlet concealer

A living room with a window overlooking the seating

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Studio credit Jeremiah Brent Design)

If you've ever struggled to get access to the outlets behind your sofa or bed, you're going to want to hear about this. This super thin outlet concealer makes it easier to plug multiple things into your plug without having it awkwardly jutting out into your furniture. This nifty little power outlet hack went viral across TikTok and it's one of the best Amazon buys I've seen this year. 

Essentially, it's a casing adaptor for your power outlet that helps eliminate bulky plugs and cords that get in the way of your furniture, and I've found that it's the perfect solution if you want to push your sofa back against your living room wall. The best part? You can buy the sleek socket on Amazon for just $30.

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