This $15 IKEA Wall Decor is Going Viral - But You're Going to Want to Use it For Something Other Than Your Walls

This modern wall decor looks way more expensive than it is, and it might just be the perfect addition to your vanity

IKEA jewellery tray
(Image credit: IKEA)

While it might not be a brand new design from IKEA, this TRÄDGRÄNSEN wall decoration from the Scandi powerhouse has been garnering a lot of attention online as of late. However, you'll be hard-pressed to find an example of these "ceramic pebbles" being used to dress up walls. 

Instead, this stylish buy has found popularity through another use - as a jewelry holder - and hoards of TikTokers are rushing to pick them up for their bedroom vanities. And, at $15 for two, it's not going to break the bank if you're on a budget. 

There's a reason IKEA's one of our best home decor stores - and this piece, which marries affordability and modern design, goes to prove why. 

Interior designers are continuing to lean into the biophilic design principles that draw on organic shapes and curves, and these small decorative pebbles are the perfect examples of the trend.   

Often, designer-inspired pieces like this can be expensive, but this affordable buy from IKEA seems to have struck a chord with lifestyle creators like Sofia Desyllas, who shared a video where she unboxed the plates and styled them on her bedside table. 



For $15 for two dishes, I don't think you can go wrong. You could even utilize the other plate for its intended purpose and hang it on the wall for some interesting living room wall decor. Its muted color and understated design makes it perfect for any space no matter what your style preferences. 

IKEA jewellery holder

(Image credit: IKEA)

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