This $8 bed sheet organizing hack is going viral - and makes linen cupboards quickly look perfect

People are falling in love with the viral $8 bed sheet organizing hack - and it makes the way you store your linen look so much better

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We have long debated the best way to store bed linen. Keeping each set neatly together is easier said than done. There always seems to be one pillow case that goes missing and piles that are precariously balanced. It is especially challenging when you have different-sized sheets for every bed. If half your time changing the bed sheets is dedicated to searching through the piles to find the set for the single bed, something needs to change.

Luckily a nifty hack has come to our attention that will save you the trouble of this. This Amazon buy has gone viral on TikTok for streamlining your bedding into easily identifiable piles. It will transform your current storage solution into something more accessible and manageable.

If you struggle to store your bed linens in an orderly fashion, this trick might be just what you've been waiting for.

What is the hack?

This simple trick involves putting labeled bands around each set of bed sheets. The premade bands have the size of sheets printed on them so you can easily identify them from a quick glance in the cupboard. Simply fold up your sheets, as you normally would, making sure to include all pieces, then wrap the corresponding band around the set. It could not be easier to get your linen cupboard in order.

There are certain tricks you can do to store bed linen properly, but this nifty hack will make the process of making the bed so much easier. Say goodbye to rummaging through pies for the right-sized set, and sets with missing pieces. This is the way forward.

We first came across this trick from The Organization Station on TikTok and now we can't understand how we ever lived without it. The process of tidying your linen will also be a great opportunity to declutter your collection. throw away any sheets with holes in them, or donate anything you haven't used. Once you streamline your linen store and try this trick you'll never go back.


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