All-wood kitchens are trending – experts reveal why you should get involved

Do you dare to go au naturel? The figures at the top of the industry suggest you'll never look back

All-wood kitchen trend
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The allure of wood is indisputably eternal. Its neutral hues have filled interior spaces for centuries – but that is no surprise when you consider its versatility, durability, and unwavering style. Despite its (quite literally) solid history, however, we're convinced that all-wood kitchens have never felt quite as contemporary as they do in our modern kitchens today. 

So, we've filtered with other kitchens over the years, but this time, we're completely committed to wood kitchens – and not just wood kitchens – but all-wood kitchens. It's an all-or-nothing relationship, and we're going all in. Plus, after hearing from the people at the top of the kitchen industry, we have a feeling you're going to be totally committed too. 

1. All-wood kitchens are expressive

All wood kitchen trend

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'We are almost in a new arts and crafts period,' shares Director of Artichoke Kitchens, Andrew Petherick. The bespoke designer explains how we are amid a creative revolution that is bringing a 'level of authenticity' into our modern homes – and an all-wood kitchen is the most effective way to do this. 

'In the same way that the arts and craft period was a fight against industrialization, people are now learning towards craftsmanship. They're longing for authenticity,' Andrew shares. 

2. All-wood kitchens are sustainable

Artichoke - Bespoke Kitchen Design, all wood kitchen trend

(Image credit: Artichoke - Bespoke Kitchen Design)

Perhaps the most significant catalyst behind the rise of all-wood kitchens is its relationship to the planet. If an all-wood kitchen is well-made, the furnishings can last a lifetime and consequently avoid landfill. 

'Wood is the most sustainable material of all because it grows back. By implying expert, century-old wood techniques, these kitchens will last for generations, and that's sustainable,' Andrew shares. He suggests that all-wood kitchens are made to 'last forever' and that you 'buy wood from sustainable sources' to further benefit the environment. 

3. All-wood kitchens make the perfect color canvas 

All-wood kitchen trend

(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

While we're already completely sold on wood's natural hues, exquisite kitchen designer Tom Howley explains that wood, or more specifically, light wood, is the perfect canvas to get creative with color. All that's left for us to do is decide a team in the current baby blue and green kitchen debate. 

'Lighter wood finishes work well to expand the perceived space of your kitchen. Choosing a smoked or deeply stained wood for the 'carcass' of your cabinets will enrich the complementary paint color on your exterior cabinetry, so it makes sense for the shelving to do the same. For example, in a deep, rich green kitchen, a walnut or mahogany-stained wood is a great material,' Tom says. 

4. All-wood kitchens offer different looks – in different lights

All wood kitchen trend

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Despite its quintessential ambiance, Tom explains that we can still bring all-wood kitchens into our modern homes by illuminating the wood in a way that is suitable for our homes. 

'A key design detail to bear in mind is the use of vertical versus horizontal woodgrain,' Tom shares.

'Wildly different looks can be achieved by using the grain in different ways. Kitchens with low ceilings, like galley kitchens, can be given a loftier look if we specify a vertical grain pattern. Or, we can play to the low-lying coziness of the space and use a horizontal grain,' he adds. 

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5. All-wood kitchens are party-proof

All wood kitchen

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Of course, we had to keep the most timely reason until the end. Now that we are so close to resuming house parties, our thoughts are inevitably turning to proofing our homes for spills and high heel damage. And, as the focal point of our interiors, the kitchen is the first place we need to protect. According to Andrew, however, an all-wood kitchen is the perfect way to do this. 

'Kitchens are harsh environments. They get splashed, they get kicked, they get dirty very quickly – so they need the correct finish,' he says. 

'It depends on the environment. If you're going for a contemporary look, then you can spray the timber with a can of polyethylene/lacquer to ensure it lasts. It will look amazing in five years' time,' Andrew adds. 

We promise to stay true to all-wood kitchens this time. Our parties depend on it. 

Megan Slack

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