The 5 Key Kitchen Decor Trends for 2024 — "It Makes Your Home More Cozy, Lived and Warm"

These kitchen decor trends focus on those soft, subtle touches that complete the look of the space and take it from good to great

A kitchen with large, architectural wall lights
(Image credit: Lisa Staton)

The kitchen decor trends for 2024 are in, and this is the fun part - the small additions and easy updates that help make the heart of your home more, well, homely. And more stylish. 

This year, they play into the main interior design trends. As we're seeing a sense od of playfulness and character take over each room, so that mood is influencing kitchen decor, too. From the right hardware, and fabrics to design-savvy lighting, all these elements can give rise to the most welcoming, timeless, and visually-pleasing modern kitchen. Get designing now!

1. Antique Hardware

A kitchen designed with white and blue cabinets, and antique hardware

(Image credit: Beata Heuman Ltd)

When it comes to kitchen hardware trends, the more popular designs are inching toward mixed metals and antiques.

'2024 will make way for a more antique-feeling aesthetic in the kitchen,' says Laura Williams, founder of ATX Interior Design. 'People want their kitchens to be more cozy and lived in, and the antique-looking brass on hardware will add warmth to achieve that look.'

'This year there will also be a lot more mixing of metals and styles; from knobs to pulls to latches,' says Grey Joyner, founder of Grey Joyner Interiors. 'No more will the kitchen include only polished finishes. I believe we will start to see copper finishes, burnished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and to add a dash of color, even resin. Personally, I love a brushed finish as it hides fingerprints.'

Brass or stainless steel are particularly popular as these last long and are resistant to water. Often cheaper handles have a lower or less hardwearing finish, and even display grease from fingers easily.

2. Dark Wood Stain on Cabinets

A kitchen with white walls and dark wood cabinets

(Image credit: the Stylesmiths)

According to designers, a kitchen cabinet color that will never go out of style is dark wood.

'As a society, we are veering away from the minimalist white & black kitchen trend,' says Laura. 'I think we will be seeing a lot more dark wood finish on kitchen cabinets and less of the light oak. These will be complemented with tones that subtly pop like sage greens and powder blues.'

3. Architectural Lighting

A dark-toned kitchen with tactile walls, and large architectural wall lights

(Image credit: Lisa Staton)

Apart from the usual kitchen pendant lighting, there will be a move towards more architectural lighting — pieces that are not only used for dispensing light but also for adding to the aesthetics.

'In this kitchen, the highlight are the black cabinets and the oversized modern lighting pieces that add layers of texture and personality to the space,' says Gema Gutiérrez, founder of PUNTOFILIPINO. 'These pieces create an atmosphere that encapsulates a lifestyle; one that celebrates beauty in function and poetry in living spaces.'

'Overall, bigger, artful lighting is becoming more and more popular,' says Lindsie Davis of Blueberry Jones Design. 'Pendant or wall lights, while are still important for task lighting, can take a more artful approach as we now have kitchens with much better-layered lighting via recessed cans and UCLS.'

4. Bright Window Curtains

broken-plan house

(Image credit: The Makers House)

Kitchen window treatments are a great opportunity to bring in color, print, and movement to the room. For those who are on board with the idea of kitchen curtains should pay attention.

'When it comes to hues and prints, don't be afraid to go big and bold in a kitchen,' says Grey. 'I always use a print or color for kitchen curtains because typically everything else in the room is a large surface so this helps break it all up while remaining visually interesting. Colorful and interesting curtains can be used for window treatments for sure but consider using complementary but smaller scale prints or tones for seat cushions, pillows, and even a table covering in the kitchen.'

5. Painted Tiles

A kitchen with hand-painted tiles

(Image credit: Ana Sawaia Arquitetura)

And finally, gone are the days when kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles were chosen only for their functional purposes. This new year, designers advise to get creative with their designs, and add more personality to this otherwise utilitarian space.

'I am seeing a huge revival toward hand-painted tiles and I love this,' says Grey. 'This is another way to add color, dimension, and interest if you don't want to in your window treatments.'

'In this project, we created an illuminated arch covered by hydraulic tiles and stamped them with musical symbols,' says Ana Sawaia, founder of Ana Sawaia Arquitetura. 'The design offers a space to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the simple pleasures design offers.'

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