Blue and white bedroom ideas – 11 inspiring, calming spaces using this classic color combination

These blue and white bedroom ideas, from nautical to nature-inspired, prove this color pairing is versatile and interesting

A blue and white bedroom with blue painted walls and white bedding
(Image credit: Clé de Maison/ PullCast)

No matter the style you have in mind, blue and white bedroom ideas bring crisp, refreshing visuals to mind. This classic combination can be used throughout the entire home, and also transcends just one certain style, despite its connotations with chic coastal decor. 

When it comes to bedroom color ideas, blue and white are a marriage made in heaven. It's the most innately calming combo, no matter which shade of blue you choose, from airy light shades to deep, rich navy. 

'Earth colors come to mind when I think of relaxing bedrooms,' says Joshua Smith, principal designer of Joshua Smith Inc. 'These tones can help us feel relaxed and grounded in space, helping us unwind from the chaos of our day. A soft hue of blue can be a great option as it's tranquil and not too busy for the eyes.'

11 blue and white bedroom ideas for a relaxing yet sophisticated interior

The beauty of this combination is that there's no such thing as too much blue or too little white. The colors pair with each other so seamlessly that they always look balanced, no matter the shade, temperature, or quantity used. White acts as a canvas to uplift blue, and can make for a good partner to all shades of blue – royal blue, sky blue, aqua, indigo, azure, cobalt, or peacock.

Plus, the combo also allows for a third color to easily trickle in and make a home in any interior. There are plenty of colors that go with blue and help create an eye-catching visual.

For more interior design ideas, take a look at this selection of 11 best bedrooms that show creative ways to use this palette.

1. Mix blue botanical patterns with white linen

A bedroom with blue headboard and white patterned linen

(Image credit: Amal Kapen. Photo credit Marco Ricca)

Freshen up your bedroom for the summer with a smattering of classic true-blue and white patterned pillows and curtains. If you already have a blue headboard, bring in crisp white linens with touches of blue for that whimsical bedroom. Interestingly, wood details work very well with this combination as it adds warmth to the cool scheme.

'This room was created for a young couple in their first home who wanted a restful and calming space to escape the hustle and bustle of their busy work lives,' says Amal Kapen, founder of Amal Kapen Interiors, LLC.

 'The floral and botanical patterns mixed with the soft blue fabric and wall color resulted in the perfect soothing bedroom,' Amal adds. 'Most of my work includes antique and vintage pieces either from our client's possessions or from my design shop and this project was no exception. The client brought many family heirlooms which we mixed with new pieces or refurnished to get them a youthful and fresh space.'

2. Mix multiple blues with a white backdrop

A bedroom with dark blue headboard and white linen

(Image credit: unTAG)

This is a brilliant palette for a modern bedroom set in a city dwelling. The sky blue wall paneling softens the impact of the deep, navy blue headboard, and the bit of white on the bed, along with the wooden furniture brightens up the space. The room is colorful but still has a calming vibe.

'This bedroom, envisaged as a guest bedroom for an apartment in Ahmedabad, takes clues from Mother Earth's blue elements,' say Gauri Satam and Tejesh Patil, co-founders of unTAG. 'The deep blue ocean as the bed headboard, with the bed paneling in hues of the clear sky, and the vibrant Himalayan blue poppies, seen in the floral artwork.' 

3. Pair a blue wallpaper with a muted headboard 

A bedroom with blue patterned wallpaper and white headboard

(Image credit: Lara Clarke Interiors. Photo credit Jonathan Bond Photography)

In this space, the blue patterned wallpaper not only sets a wonderful color theme for the room, but also complements the headboard and the bedding. The touches of red via the artwork and the lamp create an artistic contrast for a pretty bedroom design.

'This bedroom scheme was designed around the wallpaper we loved by Ottoline Devries,' says Lara Clarke, founder of Lara Clarke Interiors. 'We wanted to juxtapose this eye-catching print with the soft curves of the bespoke headboard and lampshade. We balanced out the blues of the room by picking out an accent color of red to compliment the scheme.'

4. Contrast deep blue walls with warm white ceiling

A bedroom with royal blue walls and a white, cream ceiling

(Image credit: Studio Rey, Black Door Stays. Photo credit Chris Snook)

For a more dramatic interior, go for a stark contrast between walls and ceiling – the most classic way to play with bedroom paint. The gold-toned handles on the cabinet and the pop of hues on the cushions add warmth and a nice contrast to the palette. It's clean, crisp, and cool, yet inviting and comfortable.

'We wanted to create a moody, dramatic feel to the bedroom whilst maintaining a freshness and lightness so we teamed the dark blue walls and bespoke joinery with a contrasting white ceiling and bright, textural textiles and artwork,' says Grace King, design director of Studio Rey.

5. Complement white linen with classic blue pottery

A bedroom with blue patterned sheets and blue pottery

(Image credit: TOM Interior Design Studio. Photo credit Patrick Biller)

Picture this: textiles from the Middle East, hand-painted storage jars from China, pastoral scenes from France... the blue and white combination transcends geographies and looks elegant, always. 

In this bedroom, the printed chair, the ceramic vases, and the wall plates create a Moroccan vibe – a laid-back  luxurious bedroom that is artfully put together. Against the backdrop of light green walls, the white and the blue truly pop.

'Blue and white is always a favourite colour palette for guest bedrooms,' say Lindsay Mens, Tommy Smythe, principals at TOM Interior Design Studio. 'It’s universal appeal and versatility makes it perfectly suited to a space that will be enjoyed and occupied by a variety of guests. We love that this scheme can be interpreted in modern, traditional or transitional spaces. Our approach with blue and white is always to employ pattern and texture to add depth to this disciplined colour combination. Here, in South Carolina, we incorporated antique, vintage and ratan furnishings to add to the layered effect.'

6. Design a vibrant kids' room with white and blue 

A bedroom with blue painted ceiling and bed, and white walls

(Image credit: Zulufish)

'In a bedroom warm shades of pink, red, or lilac make you feel safe and cocooned, but cool aqua or blue tones would promote better sleep,' says Suzy Chiazzari, color consultant and holistic designer.  

In a kid's room, which generally should be vibrant and playful, the use of blue can be both a fun as well as functional choice. The not too bright, nor too dull hue will keep the children more attracted to the indoors, and not keep them too overactive when it's time to sleep. When combined with white, the intensity of blue will mellow down.

‘Blue is such a versatile color and is often cited by people as their favorite because of its connection with nature, especially the expanse of the sea and sky,' says Caroline Milns, head of interior design at Zulufish. 'It is an ideal color choice for a bedroom as it can conjure a sense of restfulness and serenity. It is particularly effective within this children’s bedroom, where with its bed set in the alcove, what could otherwise be rather an awkward space with the angles above the bed, is suddenly transformed as the blue on the wall mimics the blue sky beyond, expanding the sense of the framework of the room and creating a feeling of light and space.’

7. Bring together turquoise, white and green for a nature-inspired scheme

A bedroom with an aqua headboard, blue-toned wallapaper and white sheets

(Image credit: Dado)

Turquoise is a distinctive shade that looks unforgettable in home decor and can create the most cozy bedroom. There's a reason spas use this watery hue in their designs – the color is calming. These fantastic colors, derived from the sea, create a naturally joyful vibe. Due to the color temperature of this hue, it can play a fantastic supporting role to other bolder hues, or even deeper blues. 

The beauty about this hue is that sometimes it feels vintage while other times it looks plucked from somewhere in the Far East. For more of a beach cottage retreat, use a layering of turquoise with a sprinkling of green, and use white as the base hue to highlight these cool hues.

‘Blue and white is a classic and timeless combination for a bedroom, where the crispness of white is balanced with the restfulness of blue, creating a fresh, yet serene atmosphere,' says Kate French, creative director at Dado. 'It’s a versatile palette that works brilliantly when other pops of color are added, such as the moss green and softer neutrals within the trailing ‘Monika’s Vines’ design from the Monika Forsberg collaboration. These additional hues work together to soften the overall look and create less of sharp contrast, perfect for a dreamy bedroom.’

8. Use chintzy florals for a hotel-like vibe

a blue and white bedroom with a bone inlaid side table

Simple and elegant, this bedroom with a wallpapered feature wall in a calm blue palette has a restful design. The white bedding gives the chintzy florals a modern contrast. 

Adding to the design of this home are the pearl inlay side tables that add layering to the floral wallpaper, and scalloped bedding gives a decorative, hotel-inspired feel.

9. Choose blue and white stripes for a modern bedroom 

A bedroom with blue and white striped rug

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

This bedroom is a prime example of color drenching. The wonderful shades of blue easily flow from the window to the rug, the bed, and even the walls. Incidentally, a bold patterned blue and white rug is a great piece to invest in as the decorating will be virtually done for you. The same can be said for pillows with cheques. 

Against the flat blue walls, the patterns give movement to the design and result in a wonderfully cohesive yet standout scheme. All along the soft, meditative blues create an interior that will help you get a better night's sleep.

10. Try a pastel version of the scheme 

A bedroom largely white with a blue bed

(Image credit: Cafe Latte)

When you have an architecturally-rich space with beautiful moldings and a wonderful height, it's always best to leave it muted, so that the color doesn't distract attention away from the design-rich space. In this glam bedroom, for instance, the warm white creates a calm, restrained feeling, allowing the viewers to take in the molding, paneling, and the double-height of the room.

The addition of color in the lower half of the room is intentional, to create a more lively space in the dweller-dominated area. Against the soft blue bed, pops of pink help create a pretty vignette. For a change, the tones of white play a central role in the color scheme whereas the blue adds a subtle supporting touch.

11. Ditch paints and induce blue via soft furnishings

A white toned bedroom with a deep blue curtains

(Image credit: Ater Architects)

Who says color schemes need to be all about the paint. By choosing vibrant soft furnishings that juxtapose wonderfully with other elements in the room, you can create an effective space. This is especially a great idea for a spare bedroom or a guest bedroom where you may not want to invest in an expensive paint job. With soft furnishings or even furniture, you have the flexibility of change.

'For the bedroom, we chose the same color palette as the rest of the apartment,' say Alexander Ivasiv and Yuliya Tkachenko, founders of ater. architects. 'The light walls and ceiling are complemented by a vibrant accent of electric blue curtains, which separate the closet space from the bedroom. Also, to create a warm ambiance we used a parquet for the floor and solid wood furniture.'

Is blue right for bedrooms?

Blue is evocative of the sky, the calm waters, and even the night. It is a calming hue and the most recommended bedroom color because it promotes relaxation and tranquility. Even the top designers in the world recommend this hue for creating the most restful, yet modern bedroom. 

'For this bedroom, my inspiration came from the ocean,' says Kirsty Campbellm, founder of The Neutral Designer. 'I wanted to bring in those deep dark navy tones to give off this calming feeling. I found some research behind the color navy blue and it was shown to be one of the most relaxing colors and therefore is suitable for the bedroom. I added pops of pink to contrast the deep blue and to bring in some warmth to the space.'

What colors go with a blue and white bedroom?

Many colors go with this cool, relaxing scheme. For a pop of color, you could bring in sunny yellow or deep red. These hues will immediately lift the scheme and make the bedroom come alive. You can even choose deeper shades of blue like royal or indigo blue to add a third more powerful color.

For a more earthy setting, layer the bedroom with grey, brown, or moss green. These shades have a more grounding appeal, therefore partner up well with a blue and white palette. 

Other than hues, you could even bring in interesting patterns like stripes, chintz, or geometric patterns to give the design some movement and appeal. In a kids' bedroom, consider interesting paint effects by color blocking or drenching. You could even add glitter to the blue paint to make it feel more festive.

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