The biggest kitchen trends of the year decoded

Our expert panel explain the latest kitchen trends, in partnership with LG Signature

kitchen trends
(Image credit: LG SIGNATURE)

Our editor Pip McCormac sat down with home tech expert Ginevra Benedetti and the interior designer Alexandria Dauley to discuss kitchen trends, and the result was a fascinating insight into what’s happening at the cutting edge of design.

They talked about the new ways that materials are being used - how silver is replacing brass, and how marble is being left behind in favour of gently ridged textures - and how technology is becoming more sleek, more chic, and something you want to show off.

All three experts were particularly taken with the LG SIGNATURE range, and how its beautiful design fits seamlessly into modern kitchen decor. Ginevra picked up on how smart the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cooler is, and how it allows you to keep different bottles at different temperatures within in it. She was also impressed by the LG SIGNATURE InstaView Door-in-Door American Fridge Freezer. A simple knock on the door illuminates the glass panel, showing what’s inside, losing thus removing the need to use energy by opening the door and letting out cold air out.

Alexandria said that many of her clients are now asking for tech they can have on display, rather than hide away. Pieces like the LG SIGNATURE collection, she said, that are convenient for family life, but look good, too.

There was also a lively discussion about colour, with the panel agreeing that red was making a comeback in kitchen design, supposedly as a shade that aids digestion.

Watch the whole video, above, and check out the LG SIGNATURE range here