These Viral $20 IKEA Shelves Look So Much More Expensive Than They are — Here's How an Editor Would Style Them

These TikTok viral IKEA shelves cost less than you think. Here's everything you need to make them look as chic as possible

Viral IKEA storage shelves.
(Image credit: IKEA)

I'm captivated by the world of IKEA — its affordable and minimalist design approach, not to mention those delightful Swedish meatballs. Periodically, something from IKEA's extensive collection captures the attention of a specific niche on TikTok.

One of these inevitable moments recently unfolded again when brand curator and design enthusiast Emma Apple Chozick shared her latest IKEA hack featuring the Hyllis shelf unit. These ingeniously simple steel shelves boast a cool industrial flair, looking impressive during the day and transforming into an extra shiny and luxe feature at night.


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Emma opted to purchase three of these $20 shelves and arranged them side by side for heightened drama. The open-concept construction and minimalist design of the shelves make them versatile for various decor styles. Emma took a unique approach by styling one section of her self-made long shelving unit as a bar, complete with martini glasses, coffee table books, and bottles of liquor. Throughout the rest, she added unexpected objects like sculptural vases and a kettle for added intrigue.

The Viral IKEA Shelf

Ikea indoor/outdoor viral shelf.

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA's Hyllis shelf unit is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. Despite its robust construction, the shelving unit is surprisingly lightweight, facilitating effortless organization. Resistant to water, I envision these fitting nicely in a bathroom, showcasing favorite lotions and potions in a convenient display. Another exciting idea (which I plan to implement) is using these shelves to showcase my favorite fashion items: shoes at the bottom, handbags in the middle, jewelry, sunglasses, and bottles of perfume at the top — transforming the shelves into my own personal store. Reviewers consistently praise the Hyllis' versatility, utilizing it for everything from frying pan storage to displaying outdoor plants.

How to Style

While the possibilities for IKEA's Hyllis shelving unit are endless, I couldn't help but envision a few stylish ways to elevate its industrial chic appeal. Explore the following list of decor favorites to see how these shelves can be transformed into a curated and personalized space.

Julia Demer
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