Perfect for your awkward "box room" - these are the best small dressers our shopping editor has found

Trying to furnish your small bedroom? Our shopping editor has got you covered with these 9 dressers that are perfect for those box bedrooms

A selection of three bedroom dressers that will work for small bedrooms
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If you're looking to furnish that problem, box bedroom, it can be quite tricky to find the right kind of furniture. You want items that don't take up too much space or draw attention to the size and shape of the space, all the while providing adequate storage. The problem is that bedroom furniture so often tends to be bulky unless you go bespoke.

A bedroom dresser is one such valuable item and bedroom necessity. 'In any home, the bedroom is a sanctuary, offering much-needed respite from the demands of daily life,' says Charu Gandhi, founder and director of Elicyon, the architectural interior designers crafting thoughtful interiors. 'Amongst the myriad of must-have bedroom pieces, the dresser is indispensable - offering functionality as well as an opportunity to make a style statement.' =If you shop around, you might be able to find some slim-line pieces that slot perfectly into your space. Our shopping editor has had a look at some of her favorite home decor websites and has picked 9 perfect dresser solutions to small bedrooms.

9 dressers perfect for a small bedoom

How to pick a bedroom dresser for a small room

Picking a bedroom dresser for that small box room is no easy task, and you may be tempted to go bespoke and commission custom furniture for those awkward nooks. But if you're looking to buy something standalone, there are some great options out there, you just have to be aware of the size of your room and design smart. 

'When you’re planning the layout of a small bedroom, consider which furniture pieces are essential to you,' advises Charu Gandhi, founder and director of global interiors brand, Elicyon. 'If you don’t have built-in cupboards, then a dresser can be the perfect alternative. A dresser not only provides ample storage for clothing and personal items, but a surface which can be either functional or decorative.' It can be a place to display treasured items, such as a precious vase, a collection of vintage perfume bottles, pieces of art, or even the perfect spot for a vanity mirror when you don’t have space for a separate vanity unit.

Aesthetically, the dresser can serve as a focal point, complementing the overall design scheme, adding character and sophistication to a room.

'In a small bedroom, such as a child’s bedroom, opt for a dresser that fits snugly into the available space without overpowering the proportions of the room as a whole,' says Charu. 

'Choose a slim and sleek design that won’t obstruct pathways or make the room feel cramped. This is also the perfect space to be a bit more playful, so consider a dresser finished in a colored lacquer or swap in some fun cabinet knobs.

'Functionality is also essential when selecting any furniture for a smaller room. Look for dressers that incorporate hidden features, such as a fold-out desk or a mirror that doubles as a vanity unit. Or consider adding in draw dividers. 

The bedroom dresser is an essential element of any bedroom, combining practicality and style in equal measure. By focusing on size, storage capacity and style, it’s possible to find the perfect dresser that not only fits seamlessly into the overall scheme but will also enhance a room.

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