The 12 Best Closet Organizers to Declutter Your Wardrobe — "This Instantly Gives a More Uniform Feel"

I consulted closet experts, and they agree: the best closet organizers make a huge difference to how decluttered your life feels

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Fashion has always been my first love. Collecting clothing and accessories has been a passion of mine since childhood. Vintage holds a special place in my heart — those unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that compel you to make a purchase because you may never come across something like it again. 

Over the years, my collection has grown significantly, meaning I rely on the best closet organizers to keep me in check. 

“The best way to organize is by type of clothing and then if they want to filter down even more, color coding helps to be able to pick an outfit quicker and know where things are easier," says cleaning expert Audrey Boyce. Also organizing by color, Bridget Flynn, a closet specialist with a background in fashion brands like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, advises an extra step, categorizing longer items, such as coats or formal dresses, by hemline. This closet organization idea frees up extra space for shoe storage. 

Although the rise of minimalism suggests hiding clothes for an ultra-sleek look, I can't help but find joy in actually seeing my clothes. Christina Giaquinto, Professional Organizer and Brand Ambassador of Modular Closets, shares my sentiment, advocating for an open closet approach. She emphasizes, "By no means do you want closets to be disorganized behind closed doors, but when it is an open concept, you can see all your items, and that means you may have to organize it in a different way to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing at first glance."

In a similar vein, professional organizer Caroline Roberts advises to make "in-season pieces and favorite pieces are most accessible." Treat your closet like a curated department store — "Declutter regularly and put off-season items in the back of the closet or in another closet, so that you can easily see everything you are enjoying now."

Let these beautiful walk-in closet ideas fill you with inspiration.

The 12 best closet organizers

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Living in New York, notorious for limited closet space, my current studio apartment essentially functions as a sizable walk-in closet. I am the embodiment of that old woman living in a shoe nursery rhyme. If anyone needs the highest level of closet organization to store the most amount of items with the smallest amount of space, it’s me.

To create the illusion of a larger closet, Giaquinto advises, "Keep things slightly spaced out to create a spacious and airy look." She adds, "If you can, keep the floor open to make the space look bigger." Professional organizer Caroline Roberts suggests "creating a retail-esque display of shoes and purses using acrylic risers. Nothing is more luxurious than walking into a closet that feels like your favorite boutique." However, she cautions against excess, stating, "If there are too many, then the closet starts to look messy. Anything that may translate as clutter is stored in an opaque bin."

Partly for selfish reasons and partly to share my knowledge with fellow fashion enthusiasts, I’ve compiled a wishlist of storage, decluttering, and organizational solutions, incorporating all the expert insights I've gathered. These are not just ordinary closet tips or organizers; this is a guide for true clothing connoisseurs. Give your most prized possessions the showroom-worthy organization they deserve with the chicest closet suggestions you’ll ever find.

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