Best Storage for Clothes — 15 Buys to Upgrade Your Closet

Knowing how to store your clothes gives you so much more closet space than you think you have, and helps get your home in order. Here are my favorite 15 tricks

Best clothing storage ideas.
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As a chronic clothing shopper, hesitant to part with almost everything for "sentimental" reasons, I'm well aware of the importance of proper clothing storage. Whether it's sliding drawers for easy access to everyday pieces or a more secure solution to safeguard those reserved for special occasions, most of us need to employ various storage strategies to meet our wardrobe needs.

This is especially true for those dealing with limited space. Having relocated to New York City a few years ago, a place notorious for its itty-bitty (or literally nonexistent) closets, I've learned that clothing storage requires a level of creativity (and perhaps even a Hail Mary). Fortunately, out of necessity, I've become quite the clothing storage expert. I've decided to share my closet organization ideas by curating a list of the best clothing storage solutions money can buy. Regardless of the space you're working with, maximize your clothing capacity with these 15 clothing storage solutions.

Stylish Clothing Storage Ideas

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'Sometimes a barrier to putting clothes away is that the system that a person uses is too time-consuming for daily use,' says professional organizer Melissa Gugni

So with that in mind, I've curated a few ideas which will help you save on time as well as space - a double win all round. And they don't have to be expensive.

'If the space allows, I love using hooks for things like this,' says Melissa.  'You can get wall-mounted hooks or removable Command Hooks and put them on the back of a closet door, on a wall, or inside a closet and designate it just for things like this.'

Best Clothing Storage Drawers

Best Underbed Clothing Storage

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Best Hanging Clothing Storage

Best Clothing Storage Baskets

What's the most efficient way to store clothes?

The most efficient way to store clothes isn't always to hang them up and put them away neatly the moment you've taken them off. Instead, if they are not exactly clean but also not yet needing to be laundered, hooks on the back of doors are a realyl good system to keep them in check.

'My solution to this problem is quite simple,' says home and lifestyle organizer, Di Ter Avest. 'For those "not-so-dirty" clothes, try over the door hooks, or a decorative hamper,' she says. A hamper will keep the clothes organized in one place, and hidden from sight. 

And for clothes that come fresh out of the laundry and need to go away, the most efficient system is sweaters and tees folded on shelves, dresses and pants hung up on rails. Max style points go to anyone who color codes this approach, so as to make it easier to find what you're looking for later.

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