5 Underused Spots in Your Home That Are Perfect for Storage

Don’t ignore these underutilized areas that could be ideal for storing items that you want hidden away

storage in a bathroom
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Storage is one of the main hurdles to overcome when designing and styling a functional home. Having somewhere to hide away all of the necessary bits and bobs that you don’t want on show and that you also don’t want to impact the overall aesthetic of your interiors is key for a clutter-free space. However, this is sometimes easier said than done.

It’s all too easy to throw things away in an under the stairs cupboard or to fill pieces of furniture to the brim when it comes to how to declutter your home, but there are definitely other methods that you should consider. Professional organizers have shared with us some of the most underused hotspots in the home that we should all be utilising to maximise storage potential.

1. Under the bed

under bed storage

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Bedrooms can definitely be a pain point when it comes to storage. Built in storage ideas are popular but are a real investment. Rather than filling a bedroom with stand alone pieces of furniture that don’t feel cohesive, consider using the space under your bed to store things.

Ben Soreff from H2H Organizing explains that ‘under the bed can be used with proper storage solutions to store the winter/summer swap of sweaters and bathing suits’. Naturally, as it can be tricky to get under the bed, you should store items underneath that you don’t need to access daily.

Additionally, Ashley Murphy co-founder and CEO of NEAT Method says ‘if you are in need of additional storage, don’t overlook the space under your bed. Less frequently accessed items like spare bed linens, seasonal clothing and luggage can be easily stored there with the use of under-bed bins. We suggest opting for lidded options to keep out dust’.

2. Back of doors

a bedroom with horizontal shiplap walls

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This may not be the answer to storing bulkier items but for stuff that simply gets in the way, using the back of doors to store things is a quick fix. ‘A swinging door is a great way to maximize space in a primary closet, laundry closet or pantry. Source an over the door solution in a configuration to suit your needs’, says Ashley. This can be useful in bathrooms too, to store all of your lotions and potions.

Shara Kay from SK Organizing goes on to say that ‘the inside of closet doors often go unused but can hold a shoe rack, a jewelry organizer or hooks for handbags and robes’. It’s all about steering clear of taking up floor space and thinking of clever alternatives.

3. Think vertically

blue boot room

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‘It is important to note that when we discover a new area of the home to be used for storage it is not like winning the lottery. Our goal is not to fill up every available space and consider that the win,' says Ben. 'Rather we want to view the whole house as an eco-system in which everything is connected. However, if space is limited in those areas then you need to go vertical and think about how you can use every inch of the space effectively’.

When it comes to designing functional areas of the home such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, try your best to use all of the wall space for storage. Think floor to ceiling pantry cupboards, bespoke boot room storage and continuous open shelving. ‘You can go vertical in the garage too! If you have tall ceilings, overhead racks are a great way to store holiday decor and other bulky items’, says Shara.

4. Closet floor

A large walk in closet with shelving for bags and purses

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Maximize the space you have in a closet by making sure you use all of the space that’s available. Of course, you want your closet organization to look stylish and aesthetically pleasing but it has to be functional, too. Closets need to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to storage, so make sure you organise it in a way that suits you and your needs.

Ashley suggests using the closet floor as an extra storage area. ‘If space for accessories or folded clothing is needed, we suggest adding open bins to contain individual categories under hanging clothes. If it’s shoes you need to store, consider adding stacking shoe shelves’.

5. Under the sink

green bathroom with sink skirt

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Try not to waste the space under your sink, whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom. This can be a handy area to store things that you can grab and can easily be hidden away with either a stylish vanity unit or a fabulous sink curtain.

‘Under sink storage is often underused because people store short items and leave empty space above. If you have short items under sinks, add stacking containers or modular drawers to make use of the vertical space’, explains Shara.

Whether in a bathroom, or how to organize under a cabinet under the kitchen sink, Ashley agrees and goes on to say ‘take advantage of vertical space under your sink in bathrooms or kitchens with limited storage by stacking lidded bins. Just be sure to measure the available space around pipes and other obstructions first’.

Becca Cullum-Green
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