These 12 Linen Accent Chairs are 'The Key to Coastal Cool' — Relaxed, Elegant, and Understated

Few things master casual elegance quite like a linen accent chair. Cozy yet cool, sophisticated but not stuffy, see 12 reasons to love the paradoxical piece

best linen accent chairs
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Warm and cozy yet breathable and free, if summer were a material, it would be linen. From billowing pants to bed sheets, the material is synonymous with coastal cool. So, if you’re seeking an air of casual elegance in your living space, look no further than a linen accent chair. 

Sophisticated but not at all stuffy, linen accent chairs reliably unlock ‘an inviting and laid-back atmosphere,’ thanks to their ‘distinctive texture and soft, relaxed appearance,’ says interior designer Nina Lichtenstein. Despite its association to sun-drenched beaches and quaint coastal towns, ‘Linen's breathable qualities make it ideal for both warm and cool climates, ensuring year-round comfort’ — no matter where you reside. 

According to Nina, much like leather or a quality bottle of wine, a linen accent chair actually gets better over time. Developing a beautiful patina, age only adds to its storied charm and natural character — few materials can say the same.

Growing up in California, linen feels incredibly nostalgic. I’ve already fallen in love with the fabric, but if you’ve yet to experience its understated luxury, there's no better way than to sink right in — to a seat that is. Take it from a California girl who's done her homework: these are the very best linen accent chairs to shop right now for a coastal chic interior. Your oasis awaits!

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Best Linen Accent Chairs

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How should I style a linen accent chair?

When it comes to styling linen accent chairs, Nina suggests leaning into their light and breezy appeal. Rather than overwhelm the linen with loud colors or dense materials like velvet, opt for clean lines and natural details. Think pared back wooden furniture and textured woven accents, 'to create a harmonious and inviting space,' explains the designer.

Linen's beauty lies in it's simplicity, so if you're looking to up its dimension, Nina recommends textured throw pillows or a cozy blanket in similarly neutral hues. 

But, arguably more important than choosing any particular color or shape is considering a linen accent chair's placement within a room. Position your chair 'near a window to take advantage of natural light or alongside a side table adorned with a vase of fresh flowers for a touch of elegance,' says Nina.

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