"They'll Make a Big Impact on Your Room" — 12 of the Best Large Table Lamps for an Instant Focal Point

A large table lamp is either necessary illumination or the perfect finishing touch. Either way, you'll love these selected by a style editor

collection of large table lamps on a colorful background
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In some areas of the home, a small lamp is what you want and need: on a table in an entryway, or perhaps by a nightstand. In others, however, a large table lamp is the only way to go.

For example: A large table lamp is one of the best table lamps for 'living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms,' says Amy Ross, design studio manager for Ashton Woods Homes. 'They would most likely not work for desks or in entryways where a smaller size would be a better fit. You don’t want to be sitting by the lamp and get 'blinded by the light!''

If a large table lamp is what your space is missing, you've come to the right place, my friend. Below, I've sourced 12 impeccable and incomparable options from some of the best home decor brands, all of which you can count on to deliver high-quality and a great price.

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There are so many table lamps to choose from that it can be hard to find one that feels right. That's why I love to ask experts about the ones they're buying — it's a great jumping-off point for the casual shopper. 'Lamps can create such a 'wow' moment in a room so it is important to choose the right one!' designer Amy Ross of Ashton Woods Homes tells me, noting that her favorites are 'ceramic lamps but more specifically ones that have a more matte finish.'

These pieces 'bring an organic, natural look to a space without all the fuss but all the 'wow!' They are generally a bit chunkier but are round' which brings a 'softness' to the piece.

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