Looking for the perfect coffee table for a small living room? Our shopping editor's picks make the most of tiny spaces

Our shopping editor is convinced that any of these 9 coffee tables is perfect for a small living space

A selection of coffee tables for small spaces
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For me, coffee tables are a basic living room necessity. They help anchor the space, operate as functional side tables and a place to rest that evening glass of wine, and provide valuable additional storage. Aesthetically, there is something cozy about a coffee table, and makes a room feel more homely.

Even if you have a small space, a coffee table isn't something to skimp on, and there are so many designs out there that that accommodate small space living. Tables with in-built storage, or slender designs that only take up a small surface area - even the smallest surfaces can help bring that cozy coffee table look. Here are 9 our shopping editor has found on her living room furniture websites.

9 coffee tables that are perfect for small spaces

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What is the best shape coffee table for a small room?

If you are designing a smaller space, you've got to think carefully about the shape of your coffee table. In smaller living rooms, the question is often whether to go square vs round coffee table, or oval versus rectangle. For long rooms, oval or rectangular will work best because they are narrow, slim and can slot into a snug area. A lack of sharp edges also helps the organic flow and feel of the room. For square rooms, go for round or square to mimmic the wider shape of the space.

Look to the wider room and shape of the space for inspiration. Echo the other shapes you have in the space to help the room tie together and avoid a space feeling awkward. Do you have a curved sofa or round rug that might suit a rounded coffee table? Echoing this movement will help a room feel unified. 

'In a more linear space, a rectangle or oval shape is best and in a more square space a circle table is recommended,' says Annie Obermann, co-founder of Forge & Bow.

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