The 12 Best Round Coffee Tables — Soften Your Living Room With Our Style Editor's Favorite Pieces

There are few designs as classic as a round coffee table, and Style Editor Brigid Kennedy has the low down on which to buy right now (and how to style it)

round coffee tables on a coloful background
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A round coffee table in a well-decorated living room is a tale as old as time. It's a design combination that's graced some of the most stylish homes for decades, and it's really not hard to see why. The simple silhouette of the table complements most if not all design schemes, while its rounded frame adds a touch of softness to any space. When a rectangular coffee table won't fit or just doesn't feel right, a round coffee table is the next best coffee table, hands down.

Whether or not you'd like to use one really 'depends on your sofa situation,' said Alex Bass, interior designer and founder of Salon 21, an art and design studio. She recommends selecting a round coffee table for any high-traffic areas, to avoid bumps and scrapes from sharp edges or corners, or in a room with an L-shaped sofa, since the circular table adds a nice contrast to an angular sectional.

All this is mind, I'm here today to walk you through the very best and most diverse round coffee table options on the market right now, from the high design and luxury to the accessible and affordable. With picks from the likes of Anthropologie, Wayfair, and more, I guarantee you'll find something you love.

12 of the best round coffee tables

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How do you style a round coffee table? 

When styling a coffee table, 'you want to leave enough room to make it practical,' Alex tells me. 'My essentials for a coffee table are some books stacked to create different heights, a pair of candlesticks, and coasters.' As far as table material goes, Alex said she likes a round marble coffee table the best. They feel 'weighty,' she explains. 'I think they're very durable and don't go out of style.'

"I often start with a tray to create a focal point and organize smaller items,' adds Alice Moszczynski, interior designer at Planner 5D. 'A tray can hold decorative objects like candles, vases, or sculptures, as well as practical items like coasters or remote controls. I also like to incorporate coffee table books, which not only add visual interest but can also spark conversation and reflect the homeowner's interests.'

Like Alex, Sarah recommends 'varying the heights and textures of the items on the table and leaving some open space to prevent overcrowding. Remember the rule of threes here! Items in odd numbers look better.'

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