12 best beige rugs that show why this neutral color is trending and how it adds warmth

The 12 best beige rugs are chosen by the Livingetc team for the way they elegantly lift the rooms they're in, providing subtle shades of a neutral warmth

Lulu & Georgia, Ruggable x Nina Takesh, Wayfair & Amazon Beige rugs
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Beige doesn’t have to be boring. A blend of creamy white and rich brown, beige is considered the original neutral and a staple of interior design. Its earthy but elegant coloring makes it a natural choice for a plethora of rug designs. Color psychologists praise beige for its ability to offer calm and warmth. Beige works well with others too. Matched with black, beige makes for a sophisticated and smart rug choice. Blended with white or cream, beige feels softer and more serene. 

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What do you pair with a beige carpet?

Beige’s popularity is in part owed to its ability to work with ease into schemes. Whether you want a neutral and welcoming scheme or a vibrant and maximalist one, a beige carpet can blend seamlessly into your room. Working as a base for your interior, beige offers balance for those around it. Specifically for neutral palettes, the calming color works to complement the other tones, stronger or lighter around the room. 

"A beige carpet can be a great anchoring option for any room. Neutral colors like beige tend to create calm spaces for a zen-like ambiance, so wherever you are looking to cultivate some serenity, this can be a great foundation. One thing to consider is the tone of the flooring where the rug will live. You want the shades to be complementary to create a layered look," says Los-Angeles based interior designer Erin Fetherston. As Fetherston mentions, undertones are important.  Consider the under-tone of your beige when matching pieces to your rug, cooler toned beiges would work well with greys and white whilst warmer tones blossom when paired with terracotta and brown.

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