6 Finishing Touches for Your Porch That Offer Extra Curb Appeal — 'They Make the Best Impression!'

Experts share the best ways to accessorize your home's exteriors and beautify your front porch

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Every time spring rolls around and we begin our seasonal spruce, we pay the most attention to the interior of our home. While that's understandable, there's no reason for us to neglect our home's exterior. This is especially true since the outward look of your property is what builds the first impression of your living space. The best part about dressing up your porch area is that you truly don't need to put in too much effort to give it a new look, even just a touch of accessorizing can give the space a a whole new feel.

If you find your porch to be too basic or boring, we've curated our favorite expert-approved front-of-home furnishings for added curb appeal. Whether you incorporate all of these adornments or even just a few, we're sure you'll notice just how much of a difference a few chic accessories can make to your front porch.

1. Front Door Hardware

A wooden front door

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Investing in the best front door hardware can do wonders for your porch, and it's become quite the trend lately. A signature door number for your signature home may sound a tad over-the-top at first, but it's the perfect personalized addition if you're looking to give off a luxurious vibe.

Christine Carney, director of design at Blackberry Farm Design, tells us that it's important to incorporate materials and furnishings that resonate with the natural allure of the surroundings by embracing hardwoods that mature gracefully, wrought iron, weathered steel, and stone. 'It's important to design outdoor living spaces to be as aesthetically pleasing and inviting as indoor areas,' she says.

If not for your door number, you can also opt for a nameplate featuring your family name in a sleek font. Placing these personalized accessories by your front door can make it easy for guests to spot your home and it gives a great first impression. And with vintage styling enjoying a real moment, you can also try incorporating a door knocker into the mix.

While curating your outdoor hardware, just be sure to match the embellishments to the rest of your exterior, and if your home's outside is classic in design, feel free to go bold with the fonts or even the theme of the door knocker.

2. Lush Outdoor Plants

A front door made to look homely with the addition

(Image credit: Peter Molick. Design: Reagan & Andre Architecture Studio)

Regardless of whether your home is surrounded by nature or if you live in a more commercialized neighborhood, you can always decorate your front porch with container plants. Plants make for a pretty addition to the porch and they can be placed by the door to frame your entrance for a put-together front-of-home look. You can also select fragrant potted plants for a sweet-smelling entryway.

Interior design expert Nina Lichtenstein tells us that incorporating plants and flowers is a foolproof way to breathe life into your porch. 'Consider planters with seasonal blooms like colorful geraniums, cheerful petunias, or elegant ferns,' she says. 'Or you can also introduce hanging baskets overflowing with trailing ivy or vibrant begonias to add some drama.' We recommend matching the planters to the color of the front door or going for bright complimentary hues for a splash of color.

3. Porch Lighting

modern porch with trees and lighting

(Image credit: Philips Hue)

Outdoor lighting is a must for your porch. Not only is it decorative, but it's also super functional. Flanking your front door with a pair of modern lights can frame the doorway while also providing much-needed light after dark.

While this may not be the first thought that comes to mind when thinking through porch design ideas, we recommend giving it a second chance and Nina agrees. 'Lighting sets the mood and ensures your porch remains inviting even after sunset,' she says. 'Installing stylish wall sconces or lanterns flanking the doorway can provide a touch of elegance.'

Nina also suggests investing in solar-powered pathway lights leading up to the porch for both a magical ambiance and added safety. Imagine having a little help from your porch lights the next time you're scrambling to find your keys - this buy is convenient and stylish.

4. Porch Furniture

A cozy front porch

(Image credit: Lisa Cohen. Design: Kim Kneipp)

Yet another addition that beautifies the porch while also being a highly usable addition to your home's exterior, porch furniture is a great outdoor addition. If you have an extended porch, you can indulge in a larger set of furniture but even if you have a small porch, you don't have to deny your home from this luxury. A small rocking chair or even a single-seater porch swing can sit snugly by your door for a whimsical setting.

When shopping for front porch furniture, it's important to ensure that it's made to withstand the natural elements. A simple check to see if it's durable enough for the outdoors will allow you to preserve the quality of the furniture and it'll also save you from having to repurchase the furniture upon its spoiling. 'Choose furniture that's weather-resistant and complements your home's style - whether it's classic wicker, sleek metal, or rustic wood,' says Nina.

5. Seasonal Spruces

A Christmas wreath

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Only when we're at the end of the calendar is when we see noticeable front-of-home decorations. And while we love a Christmas revamp, it isn't the only time of year for you to spruce up your home's exterior with the likes of door wreaths and foliage. You can also decorate around the varied seasons and even add subtle festive additions as the holidays pass.

Nina recommends swapping out plants, cushions, and accents to reflect the time of year. 'For example, decorate with pumpkins in autumn, twinkling lights during the holidays, or fresh blooms in spring,' she says. We've found that a colorful flowering wreath makes a great spring addition to your door and if you're feeling creative, you can always DIY it to incorporate your favorite seasonal blooms for a personalized touch.

6. A Fresh Coat of Color

A green decorated front door

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder. Studio credit Maestri Studio)

A bright front door brings so much joy to the front of any home, and a fresh lick of paint can revive your home's exterior and give your porch a brand-new look. So many bright front door colors go with a white exterior, or you can keep it classic with a neutral hue. If your house is painted, try to find a complementary color that stands out while working in tandem with the surrounding shade.

The front door is undoubtedly the most discernible part of any home so a vivid coat of paint can set your home apart from the rest of your locale, but we do suggest going with a shade that compliments the aesthetic of the area for a cohesive look.

There's so much you can do to give your porch a facelift and it doesn't have to be as extensive or expensive a process as you might have thought. So if you're confused about where to start, you can take a look at some of our favorite front-of-home accessories below. And the next time you're welcoming your guests, we're sure they'll be asking you the secret to your elegant front porch before they even step foot through the door.

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