In The Spotlight: The 30 Creatives To Have On Your Radar

However you define style, these 30 have it. Meet the people who continually inspire us and our favourite up-and-comers

We look at the 30 top creative talent. Meet the people who continually inspire us and our favourite up-and-comers...

1. THE COLOUR ACTIVIST: Dagny Thurmann-Moe

Creative executive of Koi Colour Studio – Norway’s first multidisciplinary colour consultancy – Dagny is one of the world’s foremost colour designers. A driving force for increasing awareness about how colour can be used positively within urban spaces, architecture, product development and graphic design (consult her 2017 book Farger Til Folket! [Colour to the People!] for more), her palette pairings are legendary. Burgundy with red, brown with brights, aubergine and mustard, they all started with her. @farge_dagny

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2. THE COOK: Ixta Belfrage

As one of Yotam Ottolenghi’s right-hand women, you may have eaten Ixta’s food without knowing it. She develops many of the recipes in his column in The Guardian - the sweet and sour sprouts with roasted chestnuts and grapes being a notable hit - and is now stepping into the limelight as co-author of his new book, Ottolenghi Flavour, out next month. Influenced by her British, Mexican, Italian and Brazilian heritage, the dishes she serves up on her Insta have changed our weeknight suppers for good. @ixta.belfrage

3. THE POWER COUPLE: Chan + Eayrs

It’s rare one of our features meetings goes past without a reference to this shade of green, the chalky emerald on the walls of Zoe Chan and Merlin Eayrs’ apartment that appeared on our June cover last year. It’s a clever, go-with-everything shade (made from limewash and not available off the rack, sadly). As architectural and interior designers, Zoe and Merlin create spaces that feel both liveable and luxe, a hint of refinement in the patina, a slight glimmer in the fixtures and fittings. With a string of skills under their belts, it feels like they really can do anything. @chanandeayrs

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4. THE DOYENNE: Kelly Wearstler

(Image credit: RAMONA ROSALES)

Designer to the A-list; high priestess of West-Coast style and the name behind hotels like Santa Monica’s Proper, Kelly brings accessibility to her achingly-cool aesthetic. Recognised for her nods to 20th-century art movements and a never-boring mix of contemporary and vintage designs, Kelly knows how to blend modern shapes with even more modern palettes for a look that is surprisingly soothing. Our top ‘Kelly’ tip? Drape clothes across your space before embarking on a project to discern which colours work in situ. @kellywearstler

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5. THE FLORAL ARTISTS: Romy St Clair & Iona Mathieson

As Sage Flowers, Romy and Iona (pictured) make displays for Converse, Fenty and Gucci. And the colours they use – and shapes they create – are exciting, bold and fresh.

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6. THE DESIGNER: Emily Forgot

(Image credit: Guy Bell,

Emily’s architectural installations are graphic, colourful and fascinating. @emilyforgot

7. THE CURATOR: Georgia Spray

Through her online gallery, Partnership Editions, Georgia has created a world where first-time buyers can afford art, where new artists have a platform and where we turn when we need some insight into the decorative world. Stocking works by Venetia Berry, Hester Finch and Julianna Byrne, Georgia has become the most masterful curator of the digital world. @georgiaspray; @partnershipeditions

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8. THE COLLECTOR: Athena Calderone

Her house in Brooklyn appeared on the cover of Livingetc in May, and few conversations about style among the team fail to mention her name. For author and interior designer Athena has a way of bringing objets together that looks so effortless, so natural, that it can only be the result of someone with an incredible eye. We’ve tried to dissect her methods – she understands palettes, textures and scale perfectly – but ultimately all of her work includes an extra near-untenable layer that only she can provide. @eyeswoon

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Having been clashing pattern on the catwalk for over 15 years, Duro’s womenswear collection is a riot of neon tartans mixed with fluro stripes and metallic florals blended together despite being of different scales, worn by the likes of Michelle Obama. Earlier this year, he collaborated with Soane Britain for a range of fabrics that reminded us how versatile his style truly is – dazzling as an outfit, almost soft and subtle as a sofa covering. @duroolowu

10. THE PLANT GURU: Hilton Carter

We’ve reached that time in the evolution of the zeitgeist where an interior designer who specialises in houseplants seems not just plausible but necessary. Where to place them, how to care for them, what varieties to look out for that you never knew existed. Based in Baltimore, Hilton has more than 300 plants in his apartment, a lush haven of vegetation that you can’t help but want to recreate. His two books, Wild at Home and Wild Interiors, will help you turn over a new leaf yourself. @hiltoncarter

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11. THE ECCENTRIC: Beata Heuman

The projects she designs are at the forefront of the movement that has seen our own brand aesthetic change in recent years. She still uses those quirky objets that are a Livingetc signature, but she pairs them with antiques instead of modern pieces, with bright colours and vivid pattern, embracing the chequerboard floor. We’re gravitating so much more now towards her decorative approach, where spaces are personality-filled and vintage shapes make a house feel like a home. In short, she makes us bold in a whole new way. @beataheuman

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Designer Sebastian Cox and his wife Brogan’s pioneering manifesto, Modern Life from Wilder Land, reinforces the brand’s position as one of the leading voices of Britain’s sustainable design scene. The document proposes ideas for change in land and resource use, with chapters focusing on food, fuel and energy and forestry and carbon sequestration. With their passion and intelligence, they continually remind us to think about the long-term impact of the products we feature. @sebastiancoxltd

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13. THE STORYTELLER: Anna Glover

(Image credit:

Anna’s distinctively atmospheric wallcoverings blend contemporary design and artistry with a sense of curious nostalgia, giving us a new way to think about decor. She evokes a dreaminess in her florid murals that has taught us that it is possible to be maximalist and create a soothing space at the same time, that displaying pattern can be like a performance of the visual arts. @annagloverinteriors

14. THE BREAD ARTIST: Linda Sofia Ring

Sourdough has never been more now and Linda’s neoclassical designs are inspiring a new gen to don their aprons. @lindasofiaring

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If there’s one woman responsible for bringing the buzz back into bathrooms, it’s Balineum founder and creative director Sarah Watson – the brains behind a series of increasingly covetable pieces more closely akin to design collectables than mere tiles and towel rails. Her secret? Commissioning names like artist Viola Lanari; Brooklyn-based firm ASH NYC; interior designer Rachel Chudley and collage wonder-artist Wayne Pate. @sarah_balineum


Gutsy duo Jeremy and Cath Brown didn’t just talk the talk but walked the walk by leaving London for the wilds of Dartmoor, Devon, in 2016. Purchasing a pottery wheel, the ethos for their business, Feldspar, was born – a commitment to make ‘objects for life’ in a way that allows us to dream about slowing down and considering ideas more carefully. They make a life filled with birdsong and creativity into a viable choice. @feldsparstudio

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17. THE STYLIST: Laura Fulmine

With an impeccable eye that’s won her clients spanning Heal’s to Harrods, Loewe to Lancôme, Laura’s art-focused approach and ability to assemble clean, curated, almost gallery-like spaces has secured her position as one of the country’s most in-demand interior stylists. This considered, the launch of M.A.H (Modern Art Hire) was a natural progression, offering fellow stylists, set designers and photographers a stress-free route to fine-art hire devoid of the usual copyright issues and hefty price tags. @modern_art_hire

18. THE NEXT BIG THING: Minnie Kemp

The Brit girl that’s going places. Currently working for Firmdale, she’s our new go-to for all that’s cool in the world of style. @minniekemp

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19. THE CONNOISSEUR: Tobias Vernon

Take a trip to either of the 8 Holland Street locations (one in London, one in Bath) and be prepared to want to redecorate. So much more than a shop – though it does sell a fabulous collection of vintage furniture, modern ceramics and works from emerging artists – this gallery space is a reference point for wonderfully good taste. And it all stems from the eye of Tobias, who scours the world for pieces so you don’t have to, creating a literal treasure trove. @8hollandstreet

20. THE NEOCLASSICIST: Oliver Gustav

Danish creative consultant Oliver has turned his hand to many endeavours – interior design, art curation, even a collection of dyed hemp and linen sofas – but there is a signature feeling of romance and peace that runs through the lot. From vaulted ceilings to rococo details, from warm grey stone to burnished wood, he has taken a historical approach to compiling the best of centuries gone by, creating an aesthetic we’re embracing that is both timeless and very now. @studioolivergustav

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21. THE TASTE SETTER: Lucinda Chambers

While 25 years as British Vogue’s fashion director doesn’t count for nothing, it’s Lucinda’s more recent venture into the lifestyle/ e-commerce sector that’s solidified her status as one of the leading tastemakers of our time. Consider browsing Collagerie – the site co-founded with fellow Vogue alumni Serena Hood – the digital equivalent to dashing into Liberty for a last-minute gift search; you won’t find a piece that isn’t cool or covetable, all from a joyful mix of high-low brands. Her new clothes line, Colville, is like wearable art. @lucindachambers; @collagerie; @colville_official

22. THE UP-AND-COMERS: Campbell-Rey

(Image credit: morgan sendall)

What we’ve seen from design duo Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey feels like only just the beginning of a stellar career. Having partnered with brands such as Zara Home and Christie’s, these two are just getting started. One glance at their Instagram reveals them to have a keen sense of where style is going, bringing together influences as varied as a 1971 canary yellow Lamborghini and a fluted bathroom suite from 1942. Ones to watch – and learn from. @campbellrey

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23. THE SOPHISTICATE: Joseph Dirand

There is a precision in the work of Parisian architect Joseph. His portfolio, which includes the Michelin-starred chef Alain Verzeroli’s Shun and Le Jardinier restaurants in New York and the super-yacht 85 GTS for Otam, can be characterised by a minimalist sleekness, a glittering, hard-edged sort of glamour. What keeps him firmly on our radar is the way that he designs everything down to the furniture and lamps, tending to every surface and making sure it all gleams together under his watchful eye.

24. THE REVIVALISTS: Mark Henderson, Catherine Lock and Yelena Ford

It would be hard to overstate the role that Mark, Catherine and Yelena’s The New Craftsmen has played in the recent resurgence for things crafted, and if you’ve been pining over a willow-woven log basket you can bet they’ll be the reason why. Pioneering the sale of pieces marked by the hand of the maker, browse online and enjoy. @thenewcraftsmen

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You’ll struggle to find more joyful pieces – from ceramics to wall art – than those from this Marrakech-based brand. @lrnce

26. THE FLORIST: Mary Lennox

Avoiding the tidier, more restrictive norms of traditional bouquets past, it’s an untamed romanticism and riot of natural materials that make Berlin-based Mary Lennox (named after the protagonist in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden) a botanical studio to swoon over. Fronted by floral designer Ruby Barber, the firm’s abstract installations and gravity-defying creations have infatuated the fashion world, rejuvenating campaign aesthetics for empires including Chanel, Gucci and Versace. The pinnacle? A suspended floral scenography created for last year’s Saut Hermès gala dinner at Grand Palais, featuring overscaled and richly textured ‘clouds’ of amaranth. @ruby_marylennox

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27. THE MAKER: Sophie Sellu

Sophie’s handcrafted brushes, chopping boards and bud vases are as beautiful as they are functional. @grainandknot

28. THE MULTI-TASKERS: Charlie Casely-Hayford and Sophie Ashby

One part interiors guru, one part menswear major player, Sophie and Charlie are making waves across both the front row and home front. You need only consult their earlier BBC Television Centre home to note a shared design ethos centring on art, collectables and travel, bringing together the best bits of them all in a smart yet friendly way. @studioashby; @caselyhayfordlondon

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29. THE HOST: Fiona Leahy

There was probably once upon a time when, come lunch or dinner, you might not have given much thought to tablecloths and candlesticks. Not any more, such is the ‘Fiona effect’ – responsible for the meteoric rise of the ‘tablescape’ and all of its scallop-edged and fine china accoutrements. You needn’t bother whispering the phrase ‘hostess with the mostess’ if it isn’t in her honour. @fionaleahydesign

30. The DECORATIVE ARTIST: Tess Newall

Drawing inspiration from folklore and botanicals, Tess’ work often has a whimsical narrative. Her portfolio includes Beata Heuman, Ceraudo and Laura Jackson to name just a few. @tessnewallstudio

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