De Gournay shows us striking ways to create impact with wallpaper

For rooms with lasting impact...

Looking for wallpaper ideas and inspiration? De Gournay shows us 12 striking ways you can create lasting impact with wallpaper...

De Gournay's luxury hand-painted wallcoverings are coveted by designers around the world, and it's hard to find a wall mural that quite matches up to a de Gournay.

Originally inspired by patterns found in English stately homes, de Gournay's designs now extend to all sorts of patterns, from traditional hunting scenes to tropical Amazon jungles and even Livia's Garden-inspired Mediterranean olive groves.

Hand-painted by specialist artists in studios in China, de Gournay's papers completely transform a space, turning a wall into a hand-painted artwork. This design house means business (de Gournay papers can easily cost up to £12,000 for a full room), and their designs are anything but beige.

Here the design firm shows us its best wallpaper ideas...

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1. Trompe L'œil

Trompe l'œil is a 'trick of the eye' and usually refers to a mural that's made to look real, like a painted bookcase or window, tricking the eye into thinking it's really there. Here, painted faux panelling cleverly disguises the built-in cabinetry, while the striking hunting scene ('La Chasse De Compiegne') transforms the wall of storage into an artwork.

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Below, a custom-made paper conceals a hidden bar.

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2. Let the paper set the scene

Below, designer Ken Fulk collaborated with de Gournay to create a bespoke wallpaper that goes on to influence the rest of the decor. Adding to the jungle theme, there's a colonial-inspired column that displays an urn of tangled plants, while the chair is upholstered in a jungle leopard print, and the doorframe and skirting is painted in the same shade of green.

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Using the wallpaper's design to dictate the rest of the room will create a very finished look, as is evident in de Gournay co-founder's children's room below, where shell-shaped wall sconces and a fish patterned rug help tie the look together.

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A trellis on the ceiling, a lemon-hued pendant and wall lamps help finish the look of this nursery below, featuring a custom de Gournay wallpaper and matching curtains.

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Even the chest of drawers is made to suit the scheme, with lemon yellow drawer tassels.

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3. Modern metallics

Kate Moss chose a metallic paper for her bathroom, offering a modern contrast against her more traditional choice of bathroom fittings.

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A metallic paper will also make a striking contrast against rougher materials, for example when placed next to exposed brickwork as is seen in the master bedroom of this unexpected London townhouse.

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4. Wrap around

If budget allows, wrapping a mural around the entire room will transport you to a different place...

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This bathroom is made to feel like it is set outdoors.

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Alternatively, opting for just a feature wall will draw your eye into that space alone, as a window into that place.

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5. Fifth wall

Don't ignore your 'fifth wall'; the ceiling! In rooms where it might be tricky to wallpaper (for example, in spaces where there are a lot of doorways, windows and fireplaces), you could always place the wallpaper up above.

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6. Bespoke touches

The bespoke, scalloped bench seating and upholstered dining chairs below add a finished, polished look, where more standard off-the-shelf furniture would have looked out of place.

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7. Colour palette

Using the same colour palette as the wallpaper will give a room a designed look. Below, the rest of the bathroom is given the same palette, from the pink tiles to the pink sink, pink vanity and even pink wall mirrors.

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The bathroom was even given an ottoman in the same shade of pink, adding a luxe touch.

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8. Contrast

Alternatively, where you're working with a black and white paper, a bright pop of colour will inject instant energy into the space.

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9. Go 3D

Did you know that papers can be made three-dimensional? Rather than being painted on, the fish pattern below was embroidered onto the paper.

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The embroidery makes the fish pop out of the wall and creates a more textural look.

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10. Pair With Panelling

For rooms with high ceilings, make the most of the wall at eye level by raising the paper and creating panelling below it in a complementing shade.

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Aside from raising the paper to cover the area that will naturally catch your eye, the panelling also creates a traditional look.

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11. Full Height

Or, for a floor-to-ceiling effect, create the illusion of a taller wallpaper by painting above it in the same shade.

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12. Use it in utility spaces

And finally, although a functional utility space might not be a place for hosting guests, if it's where you spend a lot of time then it deserves to be a beautiful, uplifting place.

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