Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Liven up your public space with the best new patterned papers

Looking for modern living room wallpaper ideas? Give your living room an instant update with wall-to-wall texture, pattern and colour. Whether you go for a mural-style paper, a blown-up map of your neighbourhood, modern geometric pattern or full-on florals, wallpaper adds so much more depth and interest than paint. Eye-catching wallpapers also help to unify different living zones in an open-plan space. Theatrical papers often pay off, creating a striking focal point, while more muted textural papers help highlight a room’s other features – or create an interesting contrast by offsetting mid century modern or contemporary furniture against traditional designs. And who says wallpaper was just for your walls? Make a striking statement by wallpapering your fifth wall; the ceiling.

Here are some of the best living room wallpaper ideas…

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