Sofa Experts Reveal The Top 3 Sofa Trends You Need To Know For AW20

As autumn approaches, many of us are starting to turn our attention to creating a cosy sanctuary that we can snuggle up in for winter. And the couch is the backbone of that hygge vibe... So what are the new sofa trends we should be looking out for when investing in a new lounging station?

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Talking trends with designer Claire Wilks, the new look has moved away from the traditional and takes inspiration from modern country style: 'With so many of our customers longing for their decor to reflect spacious country living, our AW20 collection has been inspired by much-loved classics albeit with a modern twist,' says Claire. 'These designs combine a sense of the familiar but contain contemporary touches so you can bring a touch of the countryside to your home.'

We'll also be seeing a move towards tranquil, soft, feminine shades, and a marriage of opposites – think traditional shapes paired with bold colours and textured velvets, alongside unique theatrical sofa shapes upholstered in understated tones.

Claire talks us through three top sofa trends for AW20 to offer inspiration if you're looking to update your living room.


'With the rise of Instagrammable interiors and ‘showhome’ styling, the desire to create that picture perfect space is growing to be more of a norm,' says Claire. 'With this, we are seeing customers wanting their homes to reflect a space of somewhat luxury whilst still being one of comfort.

'It’s about creating symmetry at home for this trend, having touches of luxury by incorporating plush velvets into your decor but blending it with the familiarity of a classic, perhaps more pared-back shape. Ultimately the trend is about finding that perfect middle between your favourite boutique hotel lobby and the comfort of your own home.'

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Claire says: 'Modern country is a strong trend we have been seeing throughout 2020, our customers crave the touch of outdoor, country living and we wanted to design pieces that would be a mix of country styling but with a modern flair.

'Cue our new Patrick unbuttoned, stripping away the traditional tufting, we wanted a refined silhouette. It’s the Chesterfield sofa of the 21st century, perfect for those looking for a traditional design but finished differently, with a contemporary take.'

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'We’re loving the look and feel of soft pinks and subtle terracottas,' says Claire. 'They add a sense of depth yet retain freshness whether you opt to use them on your main upholstery pieces, accents chairs or footstools or as the main colour to decorate with.'

From subtle terracottas to muted rhubarb pinks, try calming tones for AW20 as alternatives to the more common neutral palettes of greys and creams.

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