How To Make Your Home Feel Lighter And Brighter In Winter

During the winter months, our homes can often feel dark and gloomy. But you can beat the winter blues by utilising clever styling tricks for a lighter, brighter home to see you through the cold season.

Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin, shares his top tips on making your home a snug sanctuary this winter.



A big home trend this year is colour. Bring in the autumnal colours for boldness and to create a warm positive feel in the home. From simple accessories such as cushions and rugs use burnt oranges and deep red tones – think of a scattering of autumnal leaves.

lighter brighter home tips

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Winter is about layering. Where we put on coats, scarves and gloves, your home needs extra rugs, throws and patterns. Textiles like wool, leather and faux fur are a go-to for the winter cabin look. Kilims and prints of rural scenes are where you accomplish warmth and cosiness through pattern.

lighter brighter home tips

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Good lighting is imperative to creating an ambience, a cove of cosiness and intimacy. Create a conversation with your lighting using different heights with side lamps as well as floor standing and ceiling lights too. Why limit yourself to a single dimmer switch when you can be surrounded with warmth?

lighter brighter home tips

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Essential for giving us our daily dose of Vitamin D, studies show that natural light can also improve our productivity and overall mood whilst reinforcing our circadian rhythms. Whatever size your space is, make the most of natural light with plenty of mirrors and glass or polished surfaces to bounce light around the room.

Use clever combinations of lamps to mimic patterns of daylight throughout your home. Turning off ceiling lights in the evenings in favour of floor and table lamps will help to create a soft and relaxing space for you to unwind in.

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The undeniable charm of summer flora and fauna in their abundant prime has inspired one of the most popular natural design trends. Modern florals and chintz weave their way through feminine interior design schemes to re-create the beauty of summer blooms.

The Kit Kemp collection offers a plethora of joyful and fresh floral motifs. Psycho Sprig cushions (pictured below) in tropical yellow or blue are an easy way to subtly introduce this trend or if you are feeling brave, opt for the super-wide mural wallpaper, Mythical Land, where giant pear trees stand amongst wild flowers and a whole dance of mythical creatures.

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