Rugs As Art: It's Time To Swap Your Paintings For Something More Textural

Think outside the frame. Rugs on the walls will lift your space from the ground up.

Who said rugs have to stay underfoot? 'Statement rug wall hangings' are all the rage, and the term is trending on Pinterest and Google, as more people are opting for a more textural look for their walls.

Because why limit a striking design to the floor, when walls cry out for a little texture? Wall hanging rugs is a fantastic way to give your space a modern, edgy twist, and to fill your vertical space with texture, colour and warmth.

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A rug can be easily mounted against the wall – without the need for a frame. This makes a striking, textural artwork, and invites you to really look at a design, much more than if it were hidden underfoot and under furniture. With expensive or rare designs we think this is a rather clever way to show them off to full potential.

As rugs are soft and maleable, they are the perfect art for hanging on curved walls where a framed piece wouldn’t work.

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Plus, hanging textiles is a great method for retaining heat and for noise dampening.

But we're not talking about your standard beige rug here. We're getting bolder with our choice of rugs and choosing larger, more colourful pieces. Rugs are becoming less of a finishing touch and more of an investment or talking point within a room.

Interior designers are encouraging us to think outside the box when it comes to rugs, advocating that rugs shouldn’t merely be used as a finishing touch but rather as the room’s centrepiece in order to give the room a new lease of life.

In the home of Studio Peake, she uses textiles above her desk as her inspiration board, and can attach scraps to it like a pinboard.

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The Rug Company Creative Director Milly Wright tells Livingetc: 'It is remarkable that the ancient skill of hand knotting rugs has adapted to the needs of the digital design world, because of this level of technical innovation within the craft, people are moving away from more traditional floor patterns and opting for designs that are less static, patterns that are organic and expressive. These rugs are so beautifully made by our artisans that often they are hung on walls, thus coming full circle.'

In the Rug Company's collaboration with Luke Edward Hall, the rugs were created to act as wallhangings, rather than for floors.

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And it's not just walls either; rugs make striking headboards too. Even hanging a bold textile or throw behind your head will add drama to a bedroom.

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Hang them horizontally to emphasise the width of the bed, or hang them vertically to draw attention to the height of the room. Use a headboard rod and hang a rug or throw from it for an eclectic, textural look. You could even hang a rug above the bed to display it as an artwork.

People are shying away from vintage, subtle patterns and instead opting for bolder pops of colour and graphic forms. Here are a few rugs that would look striking on the wall...


Fancy an Alexander McQueen? This is the Chiaroscuro design by Alexander McQueen for The Rug Company.

Alexander McQueen also created this hummingbird wallhanging, specifically to go on walls.

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For an arty look, rug master Jan Kath’s Cloud series draws inspiration from Baroque skyscapes, spanning biblical lightning bolts and painterly skies. Considering each is hand-spun from Tibetan wool and silk, this collection is set to cause quite the storm…

And finally, Amy Kent's designs have a painterly fresco-style effect.

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The latest collection from CC Tapis has caught our eye with it's modern designs. We love the shape of the Feathers rug that look like bird wings in motion.

Rug Artisan also has some gorgeous graphic statement rugs, like the Equilibrium design.

Crosswind is another striking pattern.

Meanwhile Trine Kielland has partnered with The Rug Company to create this geometric repeat pattern.


Meanwhile Lucy Tiffney's designs are fun and playful, and ideal for vamping up kids' spaces.

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IKEA's bold prints would also suit a young, playful space.

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