Discover Anthology's Architectural New Wallpaper Collection

The striking patterns are inspired by Brutalist architecture, foxed mirrors and rippling water, while the textures include beaded surfaces and printed cork...

Anthology has unveiled a new collection of statement wallpapers for SS20, featuring striking patterns inspired by Brutalist architecture, foxed mirrors, and rippling water.

Named Volume 07, the collection is inspired by 'man's interaction with the natural world' and explores two contrasting themes; urban landscapes versus the natural world.

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The ten contrasting designs are at polar ends of the design spectrum; one theme is rooted in nature, with fossil-like patterns and rippling water effects, while at the other end there's concrete effect.

Inspired by natural, rugged rock, the Kimberlite design is printed and embossed on heavyweight vinyl, while Ammonite is a rotary printed wallpaper with a subtle repeat fossil pattern.

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Mirrored brush strokes with twists of colour give the illusion of fabric on the wall in Anthology's Refraction design.

The new designs were created with the idea that the patterns could seamlessly blend into the background, matching whichever setting they're placed in.

Hero designs such as Brutalist Stripe and Ammonite highlight the contrast between old and new, while beaded embellishment adds texture and a distinguished, refined look.

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A modern textural subtle design, Beaded Brutalist Stripe might look plain at first glance, but up close you'll notice that the surface is intricately embellished with beads, giving it a pick hammered appearance. The design was inspired by polished concrete and the multitude of stones that lie within. Edged by a fine highlight stripe when hung, this Anthology wallpaper creates a distinctive panelled effect.

Two of the patterns are printed onto cork, an exciting new material for wall coverings not only for the material’s beautiful aesthetic, but also for its environmental and acoustic benefits.

Named after M.C. Escher, the striking 'ESCHERESQUE' wallpaper features a labyrinth of tessellations that are digitally printed on natural cork.

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Tectonic is a stunning design that’s silk screen printed on natural cork and crafted in a spontaneous manner, at speed and before the paint dries. The layering of light and dark builds to create a mesmerising and intriguing wallpaper that’s full of movement.

Meanwhile, the Seri Raphia range explores the texture of fabric, with loosely woven layers giving the appearance of a squared-off cloth.

Featuring both large and small-scale patterns, the wall coverings come in an enticing colour palette of aptly named tones such as Sapphire, Emerald, Slate, Brass and Charcoal.

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This lovely emerald Foxy displays a vintage design that’s inspired by the foxing on antique mirrors and metallic surfaces.

Peter Gomez from the Anthology studio explains, 'With a range of contrasting wallcoverings, Anthology 07 tells a story from two sides of the design spectrum. On one hand, the permanence of fossils and concrete share a longevity and finality, juxtaposedagainst the fluidity of rippling waters and the shimmer of momentary refraction.'

The full collection is available at Style Library.

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